Industry Abuses

are you a consumer of fast fashion?

What is fast fashion

Fast fashion is how fast modern designs go from the catwalk to the stores to the garbage dump. With little care for the effects this has on the workers or the environment

How it affects the industry

The speed in which we consume merchandise means we 'streamline processes' which means low pay, poor work conditions and environmental damage


Garment workers are underpaid, have unsafe work conditions and face regular sexual and physical abuse. Read more about it on our blog


Factory smog, pollution and overflowing garbage dumps mean the garment industry is no friend to the environment. Read more about it on our blog


Pesticides and dangerous dyes can have real effects on our health. Find out more on our blog.

How can we fix this?

These issues are real, but we can make a difference. Go to our solutions page to find out how

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