What Can You Do  


educating sharing and changing behaviour

One of the most important things you can do is raise awareness. This can come through many different channels - from teaching your kids to be more concious about their purchasing decisions to crafting petitions. One of the biggest problems we face is a lack of awareness, and fixing this is a very important first step.


become a volunteer

Our organization is primarily volunteer run. Everything you see on this site is a by-product of the hard work and passion of our volunteers. These people come from all walks of life and work in diverse fields such as finance, law, and human resources. By volunteering with us, you can gain professional skills while contributing to an important cause


join our events

We host a bi-monthly clothes swap where members of the community come together to swap their clothes. Your trash might be someone elses treasure - and vice-versa. Our clothes swaps have been a tremendous sucesss as we have successfully up-clyced literally tons of clothing. Be sure to the next clothes swap


visit our blog

The trusted clothes blog is a leading repository for articles on the issues in the garment industry. Here you can find over a 1000 articles on issues of human rights, animal rights, environmental rights and more.