Get your high school volunteer hours AND CHANGE THE WORLD!


If you woke up this morning and didn’t realize you’re going to change the world today then it’s time to get up to speed!  Best of all – much of it can be done in a FUN, FAMILIAR, and FRIENDLY environment with like-minded people using tools such as INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, SNAPCHAT, and other trending technologies.

We are a dedicated group of hardworking individuals who are starting a revolution in the clothing industry.  A few quick facts on the clothing industry –

  • 6258241793_5069852acb_oThe clothing industry is the second highest polluting industry globally, behind only fossil fuels
  • Over 75 million people are employed worldwide in the garment industry, many of whom are women and underage girls not earning a living wage. This industry creates an environment rampant with poverty, human trafficking, abuse, and many other bad things
  • Our skin is the largest organ in our body and it absorbs the chemicals it comes into contact with. Most mass produced clothes contain numerous carcinogens and other bad stuff on them before they reach your closet – and most people don’t know!

While our diverse backgrounds include many things such as experience in manufacturing, renewable energy, and global issues our real passion is MARKETING.  In the last decades we’ve worked with 75% of the global advertisement agencies and created numerous successful campaigns in 18 countries across 9 time zones.  Chances are you’ve already seen some of our work – and we’re now going to put our skills to good use  – AND we want you to help us.  Not only will you do some good for the world, you will also learn cutting edge marketing techniques from pioneers in the industry.  If you are considering a career in media, journalism, marketing, publishing, modeling, design, fashion, event planning, or many other related disciplines – do yourself a favour and learn more about Trusted Clothes to decide if it’s a good fit for you.

The best way to contact us is to CALL US (226-476-1438)!  We LOVE talking to energetic like-minded people who don’t believe in the impossible.  If you prefer, you can also TEXT US (226-476-1438) – or EMAIL US @ ( .    If you’re still reading this and not reaching out to us because it’s not the right fit – PLEASE – pass it on to someone who might benefit.  Everyone knows this off-the-wall creative person who’s ready to change the world – he or she might be among friends here.

photo credit: Homecoming 2011

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