Fire at historic Electrohome plant closes TRUSTED CLOTHES office

Kitchener, ON (Updated Nov 18, 7:34 AM)

On our way to work this morning we we20151118_080834re greeted by 5 firetrucks on Breithaupt St. – the historic Electrohome plant  on Duke & Breithaupt.  An overnight fire in the building caused damage on the third floor.   The second floor where our office is located had visible smoke, while water and ceiling damage could be seen throughout.  It is too soon to tell the extent of the damages or when normal operations will be able to resume.

It is times like these that we really must reflect on how lucky we are to live in Canada.  At the time of the incident the building was most likely empty– nonetheless a city response of 5 trucks, approximately 20+ fighters, and numerous other first responders (police etc.) quickly and safely resolved this situation. We can only hope that one day similar safety standards and responses can be expected in places like Bangladesh to ensure fires at places such as the Tazreen Fashions factory that killed 100+ people will not happen again.

All staff and volunteers are asked to work from home for the remainder of the week. Please check our twitter feed for updates on new dates & locations.

Our main telephone numbers are not currently being answered until our office reopens.  For more information please contact Thomas Schroecker

Text/Cell:  519-590-9669

[Updated Nov 19, 8:36 AM]  Office has been reopened.  Damage limited to 3rd floor office spaces and aside from a very smokey smell, its back to business as usual.


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