Use your graphic design skills to change the world!

EDITORS NOTE:   If this page is still up, it is still current.  We will archive this page as soon as our design backlog gets cleared up.

We have a desperate backlog of design work that we need completed on Trusted Clothes.  We have numerous volunteers working in all aspects of the organization, but for some reason we haven’t been able to attract as many designers as needed to advance our cause.

We understand you may be busy with paying work and can’t help at this time – and that’s O.K. If you have access to graphic designers via your blog, twitter, Facebook, etc., we would greatly appreciate if you could reach out and/or share our link to advance our cause.  Please consider retweeting the message below:

We have tasks ranging from 30 minutes and up – if you can help us with even one, not only would you help make a positive impact but you would have our most heartfelt gratitude.  Please email us @ or call/text us @  (226) 476-1438 if you can help.

All our tasks are very well defined in wireframes, marked up pages, presentations, etc., and the required delivery format is PHOTOSHOP PSD files or POWERPOINT / KEYNOTE files.  We’ve worked with graphic designers for 15 years – we don’t waste their time and get right to the point of what’s needed.

Tasks in backlog include:

  • Creating new pages based on wireframes (PSD desired) ~ 30 min+, 34 tasks in queue
  • Revising existing pages to include new functionality (PSD desired) ~30 min+, 13 tasks in queue
  • Dressing up blog articles with images, callouts, diagrams, etc. (PSD desired) ~30 min+, 100+ articles in queue
  • Creating a cohesive experience across several properties (PSD desired) ~ 2-3 hrs+, 6 properties in queue
  • Creating Power Point presentation deck templates including proper master themes (PPT desired) ~ 2-3hrs+, 10 presentations in queue
  • Creating proper Power Point slides using layouts, iconography, graphics, etc. (PPT desired) ~ 30 min+, 100+ slides in queue

Many many MANY other tasks – too many to list! Thanks for looking and thanks for your help!  Our contact once more:

More Volunteer opportunities based on different skills here.


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