TildArt EcoLuxury fashion brand, combining sustainability with luxurious style

Sustainability is Sexy! TildArt Introduces EcoLuxury Fashion with Flair

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Introducing the TildArt EcoLuxury fashion brand, combining sustainability with luxurious style.

The TildArt EcoLuxury brand is the result of Matilda Janosi’s (TildArt founder & designer) interest in recyclable materials, beginning in her native Transylvania (Romania), where unlike other nations until recent times, recycling has traditionally been the norm.

TildArt, a woman poised in a little black dress, sexy ethical, sustainable fashion brand

photographer Kirschner Studios

After moving to London in 2012, Matilda – working with rickshaw drivers – noticed that large amounts of the inner tubes of bicycles were frequently discarded and could have possibly been recycled into something of value.

The designer eventually came up with the idea of using the bicycle inner tube as the base material to create a line of eco-friendly,

TildArt Sexy Ethical and Sustainable Black Latex Dress

photographer Kirschner Studios

and luxury clothing under the TildArt brand that she would soon launch. The new collection also included a range of stylish eco-luxury jewellery designed to complement the clothing.

Bicycle repair shops around East London are the source of Matilda’s stock of inner tubes that are turned into engaging designs in her studio in Hackney. Swarovski crystals and other high end materials are added to create bold and striking designs. All of the other materials used in the fashion pieces are sourced from suppliers around the UK.

Interest in the novel fashion designs soon grew and in October 2013, Matilda was invited to show two of her collections at the Canadian Eco Fashion Week in Vancouver. A range of eco-luxury accessories has since been introduced and items are available in the designer’s online store, at TildArt.com. They include bracelets, pendants, scarves, capes, bags, gloves, and card holders.

TildArt EcoLuxury has global ambitions and is aiming to bring eco-friendly style to sophisticated shoppers in major cities around the world, including New York, Shanghai and Paris. The brand believes it can also make an impact with buyers because of its ethos of sustainability and being a business that lives up to its social, economic, and environmental responsibilities. All TildArt items come with handmade packaging that can then be reused again.

For the adventurous designer, using something that has already had a life and giving it a new one is the driving force behind what she’s doing: “I love it when fabric or material has a history,” Janosi reflected, “It is the material that inspires me – it gives me a sense of passion to breathe new life into the material over and over again.”

TildArt Bracelets. a woman in an ethical and sustainably made, sexy little black dress

photographer Kirschner Studios

For more information on TildArt EcoLuxury, visit www.tildart.com

Matilda Janosi

About the Author

Matilda was born and grew up in Transylvania where recycling is a way of life. It is this ethos, combined with her talent as a fashion designer, that has driven her to create unique fashion products using recycled materials.

In 2009 she moved from Transylvania to Budapest, Hungary with the aim of starting her own fashion brand.

In 2012, Matilda arrived in London with a big dream – to establish TildArt as a viable business. She worked at first as a rickshaw driver in Central London. This was hard physical work but gave Matilda the chance to meet very interesting people and some funds to begin to establish the brand. It also provided her with the inspiration to recycle the hundreds of discarded inner tubes at the Rickshaw base to create fashion!

In 2013, Matilda was invited to show two of her collections at the Canadian Eco Fashion Week in Vancouver. This gave her the confidence to move forward with the business in 2014.


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