How to Shop Ethically in Vancouver

Attention Vancouver ethical fashionistas – need to know where to find great clothes that don’t compromise your ethics?

Check out these amazing brands!


AdhesifAdhesif Clothing Co. Vancouver uses new and recycled fabrics to create noticeable and original one-of-a-kind garments. Every garment retains its very own unique personality, just like you!

Every handmade piece is made with up to 95% sustainable materials and locally produced in Vancouver, BC at their combined retail/studio location.


Designs by Adhesif Clothing can be found in their boutique at 2202 Main Street in Vancouver as well as at local artisan markets like Shiny Fuzzy Muddy, The Circle Craft Summer & Christmas Markets among other festivals and events or shop the Adhesif collection Online.


Local. Eco. Lasting


Milk is a 100% Canadian company that mills, dyes, and produces their own fabric. Their designs are produced and tailored locally to minimize their carbon footprint while supporting local mills, dye houses, and manufacturers.

Milk wants to lengthen the time between purchasing the clothing you love and it’s eventual disposal. This is the real reason for starting with bamboo and other sustainably sourced fabrics that look and wear beautifully.

Milk can be found in Vancouver at:
Tenth and Proper
4483 W 10th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6R

You can also shop the collection Online

Sans Soucie

Zero waste textile + design studio


Sans Soucie’s focus is to establish a zero waste textile and clothing design studio that specializes in transforming pre-consumer nylon waste hosiery (pantyhose) into new handmade textiles for garment production. The mission at Sans Soucie is to re-think ways to maintain textile production in Canada by establishing partnerships with Canadian mills to obtain their waste textiles. Doing so, allows for a unique production of handmade, Canadian-made textiles, garments, and accessories.


Sans Soucie collections are stocked at the following retailers

Circle Craft (Vancouver)
1 – 1666 Johnston Street
Net Loft Granville Island
Vancouver, BC V6H 3S2

And you can also book a studio visit through their website or shop the collections Online.

Nicole Bridger

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do.


All of Nicole Bridger’s pieces are created using ethically sourced materials including renewable, and in many cases, biodegradable fabrics from all over the world. They go to great lengths to track where fabrics originate and ensure that the production processes are both sustainable and socially conscious. Many of Nicole Bridger’s fabric suppliers are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) Certified, which means they’ve met a number of environmental requirements around production, processing, manufacturing, packaging, distribution and fair labour.


Visit their Flagship store at
14 Water Street
Vancouver, BC, CA

Or shop the latest Online.


Local. Sustainable. Canadia. Ethical


Inspired by the modern woman and made from sustainable fabrics We3 designs are relevant to how women dress everyday: Comfortable, stylish and environmentally sensitive.

Each season consists of essential pieces that every wardrobe needs. They then design the next layer to compliment the basics and to create many different looks with a few pieces. “Our colours are on trend but our silhouettes are fashion forward.”


Visit their boutique at
3671 Main Street
Vancouver, BC, V5V 3N6

Blue Sky Clothing Co.

Clothing that has been made with heart.


Blue Sky’s commitment is to make women feel good about themselves and save the planet one garment at a time. Owner and designer Marilyn Robinson, believes in helping women feel comfortable and beautiful without compromising the earth.

The processes she uses to make garments is beneficial to the environment by using bamboo fabric, as well as to all the people involved. She has two small manufacturing groups: In Bali, Indonesia, with the help of talented batik artists, Blue Sky fabrics are hand made with 100% original designs.



Visit their locations at:

Or shop online.

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