New goals

Happy New Year everyone!

The beginning of a brand new set of fresh, crisp and clean 365 days!

There are so many things I want to do better and differently this year. The focus on my personal goals this year will be sustainability. Slowing my pace, living in the present, consuming less, refusing more and being grateful for all the small things in life, that carry big meaning.

Buying flowers is a way for me to spoil myself in a sustainable way.

Buying flowers is a way for me to spoil myself in a sustainable way.

Attic project

My attic project is going great! I’ve purged two bags of my own clothes which will be given to a friend. One bag of baby clothes went to a colleague at work. Three boxes with baby clothes are waiting to be given to another colleague. I’m very happy to give things away to people I know. I don’t want anything in return I’m just glad the things I’ve purged get used for a second time.

This is how our attic looks now:


I believe that by next week I can have our attic purged, organized and cleaned. What a great way to start the new year.

Save energy, let it air dry

It’s really satisfying to see more floor and less stuff. I’ve managed to make enough room to use our clothes drying rack again. I must admit I have been using the dryer a lot lately. But now I can let our freshly washed clothes air dry which will save tons of energy. Did you know the dryer is the most energy intensive household appliance?

When it comes to washing clothes, I’m experimenting with washing at 30 degrees Celsius. It’s the lowest temperature you can use to wash with my machine. There’s also an ‘eco’ button on our washer. It lengthens the wash cycle but uses a lot less water than the regular program.

Save water and energy, wash at the lowest temperature and use the eco program.

Save water and energy, wash at the lowest temperature and use the eco program.

Sustainable consumerism

I’ve noticed that my shopping habits have been positively influenced by sustainability.

There’s a store where I bought a lot of my son’s clothes. Mainly because the clothes are cute and cheap. But now I am wondering if they are sustainable?

I’ve noticed that ecological and organic brands are usually more expsensive. That was a big reason for me to not fully embrace the organic and ecological lifestyle. But this year I’m choosing a more healthy and pure way of living. Wherever possible, I’m choosing the more sustainable option but I’m not going to buy an organic cucumber if it’s twice as much as a regular cucumber. Instead I’m going to look for sustainable options that are affordable for me and my family. Even buying a few organic products when we go out for our weekly groceries is a good start.

I want to not buy any new clothes, shoes or accessories unless I really need them; and when I do need something I want to look at sustainable brands or look for secondhand options.

On my blog MomMandy, I’ve written about how I’m trying to get the most out of my closet by sticking with 30 pieces of clothing. 15 Tops and 15 bottoms. I want to get more creative with my outfits and have a more minimalistic closet. By laying out a few outfits every week I’m saving myself time and stress in the morning before getting ready for work.

What are your sustainable goals this year?

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