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My name is Georgie and I love fashion but until the Rana Plaza disaster in April 2013 was ignorant to what was really going on in the fashion industry. Appalled to discover the truth I started to write about ethical fashion on my lifestyle blog – – and quickly changed my spending habits. Tie-dye hemp tunics and earth coloured yoga pants were my preconceptions of ethical style. I am now on an ethical crusade to destroy this stereotype and showcase; slow, thoughtful fashion that is beautiful, unique and exciting. I love the idea of being an active citizen through my wardrobe. Whatever I buy now I have a simple rule; can I commit to wearing more than 30 times and get the maximum fashion mileage out of it? If not I won’t buy it. Buy less and buy better!

Every week since June 2014 I have been showcasing a new eco, sustainable brand on my blog’s Ethical Tuesday feature. It has become a small space on the internet for independent, more unknown brands that are doing their bit for sustainable change and don’t have a marketing powerhouse behind them to get a shout out. There is so much frivolous nonsense in western society today and it feels good if in a small way I too can feel like I’m doing my bit and at the same time being a role model to my daughters. They are fast becoming teenagers and I want them to start their shopping years with a questioning mind. “Where do my clothes come from?”


Our throwaway culture has a huge impact on the environment before buying something new we also need to look at ways we can reuse, recycle and reduce the landfills!

For 2016 I am hoping to focus more on this aspect of ethical fashion.
Fashion as we know it must stop and discovering a hidden gem from a charity shop that will sustain my wardrobe for years to come is very empowering. Charity shop shopping is all about finding a beautiful item or something deliciously bizarre at an affordable price that no one else will own. You won’t follow current trends when you buy second hand but you will develop your own quirky style and express your personality.


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