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In 2012, a study by MIT found that the production of a single pair of shoes (sneakers) creates 2.7kgs of CO2 emissions. This is the equivalent to driving your car about 10 miles. While that might not seem like much, it’s worth considering how many pairs of shoes we own, how far we walk or run in them, and how often we buy a new pair. In the US and the UK we love shoes, buying 7 pairs for each and every man, woman, and child every year. 30% of Americans are wearing a pair of Nike sneakers as I write this! That’s millions of running shoes produced every year – many of which are ending up underused and in the bottom of a wardrobe – or at best, as coveted collector items! According to, in order to find a sustainable way of living we need to be producing less than 2000 kg of CO2 per year and per person. Considering the planet has suffered for your running shoes – what better motivation to get out and start using them?!

Under Armour

image08Under Armour was founded on the following core values: Innovation, Inspiration, Reliability and Integrity. Consistent with these values, they seek to do business with suppliers and their subcontractors that adhere to these practices, follow established work place practices and comply with their Code of Conduct (the “Code”).

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Vivo Barefoot

image10VIVOBAREFOOT footwear is produced sustainably using recycled, locally sourced materials, with efficient and eco-friendly production techniques in independently monitored ethical factories. They use minimum components where possible and favour stitching and vulcanized production methods over glue. They aim to make their shoes extremely durable so they spend more time on the feet.image14Visit Vivo Barefoot online


image04Ethletic Trainers are the most popular Fairtrade certified sneaker. Their products are made out of Fairtrade certified organic canvas twill cotton from small farmers in India. The sole is made out of natural FSC-certified fairly traded rubber from small farmers in Sri Lanka. Cotton in Ethletic products are solely sourced from Fairtrade certified producers. With Fairtrade certified cotton they have the security that the cotton farmers will receive a minimum price for their crop, which aims to cover their average costs of sustainable production. They also receive a Fairtrade Premium, which they invest in.

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image09Etiko Fair Trade offers a Fairtrade alternative for the conscious consumer. They sell products that are free from child labour and slavery, as well as sweatshops. Their products also help to lead us towards a sustainable future.

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Newton Running

Boulder, Colorado-based Newton Running is a powerful running experience. Run in Newton and you’ll be moved by their highly responsive cushioning and ground feel that protects and connects you with every step. Their patented design is built on a more level to the ground platform – like your feet – to support and strengthen your natural motion. They’re light and comfortable so you can run your own best. Aside from helping people run better, Newton Running is dedicated to social responsibility by supporting numerous charitable organizations. Newton Running shoes are sold at specialty retails worldwide and at



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Brooks Running

image11In their efforts to establish solid, long-term, and mutually beneficial relationships with business partners, Brooks are very careful when selecting their shoe manufacturers. Books visit the factories they work with, observe the facilities, and conduct a third-party social compliance audit to approve the manufacturer prior to production of even one shoe or technical garment in that facility. They also require factories to commit to not using restricted substances in the production of gear and to sign a “Working Conditions Policy and Commitments” document in which they agree to be in compliance with the local labour laws (including age requirements, fair wages); not employ child/forced/slave labor; and provide adequate food, housing, and medical coverage to all employees. Brooks’ commitment to quality leads them to pursue business partners with the best facilities and working conditions.

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