Simplifying my wardrobe: The Journey

I am already a simple person, and I claim to not be as materialistic as my peers. I claim to not link my value to the things I own. With this project, I learned that those claims are a lie. I decided last week that I am going to narrow down my wardrobe; get rid of many things so that I can learn to live with less. Eventually, I wish to move out of my parents’ house and when I do that I want to live minimally. I have decided in order to carry out living minimally, I better start now.


I am choosing to start this project and go after the concept of a capsule wardrobe. Changing my mindset to be a more conscious consumer in all respects and reducing the amount of clothing I have is a good place to start. It is embarrassing to admit how many hangers I had in my closet that held clothes I barely touched. Even still as I begin to reduce how many articles of clothing I have, I still have at least 132 hangers holding clothes which I still might not always wear.


The concept of a capsule wardrobe is trending and on the rise these days. Although, you will have to have different sets of clothes for different seasons. It argues that you can get by in life with less. You can develop for yourself some type of “uniform” and contrary to culture’s belief at times, “You won’t be crazy if you wear the same outfit twice in a month.” I believe the argument of the capsule wardrobe craze is true. It is obvious, that we would function better with less. I as a middle class American, at the age of 21, can assuredly tell you, I have lived with more than I need. I have more than enough and I don’t need to continue living a life filled with excess. I should intentionally pursue being a more conscious consumer, because I don’t need to find my value in things. I need to value people, the people that create these things. I need to value where my dollar goes and what I invest in more than blindly hoarding stuff to fill some kind of void in my life.


I am choosing to take you on my journey of simplifying my wardrobe so you too may learn along with me about how important our investments are. I will admit doing this is going to be challenging, because for the first time in my life I am forcing myself to be intentional when I shop and recreate and simplify and narrow down my wardrobe. It will probably not end with me having a 100% ethical wardrobe either. I am just someone trying to learn how to be a wiser consumer and to navigate the global economy and my impact, and the local economy and how I impact it with my dollar.  

Today was my first official day on this pursuit. I had fun as I explored 2 thrift stores and I found some really nice jeans that if I purchased in the actual store, would probably be around 70 or 80 dollars. Unfortunately, they were likely made unethically. I do know, that shopping at a thrift store still helped me not create as much demand on the massive corporate unethical trade that goes into department shops. I also believe my dollar was more effective in these places because I was investing in restoration and hope in my community for veterans and those who struggle to get by. I look forward to sharing my journey with you.

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