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Fashion and it’s ever fast spinning wheel makes it a hectic cycle for designers, producers and consumers. In March last year the famous trend forecaster Li Edelkoort proclaimed a change within the current fashion industry that led to dramatic changes.

Slow fashion is a term that has widely spread in recent years and is now becoming a practice for a few conscious brands.

Just a couple of months ago I took the first steps in getting my own slow fashion label into existence. This concept of slow fashion isn’t new to me and I have thought about starting a label for some time.

After I traveled Peru twice – in 2012 and 2013, I was inspired by what I saw and got me exploring local traditional handicrafts. Some of which even reach as far back to the Incan era that is still being practiced today by local artisans.


While in Peru, I came across a knitting workshop that I worked with to complete my graduation collection. The first few garment pieces we produced were jumpers, dresses, leggings and hats knitted by the lovely employees. By partnering up with the knitting workshop, this small collection of knitted clothing has now grown into a full label of ANNAMARIAANGELIKA.


ANNAMARIAANGELIKA only uses finest Alpaca wool and some cotton which are leftovers from overproductions. All pieces are completely produced in Peru, from the Alpaca wool to the yarn and the final garment.

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Selecting only the best quality materials and securing a fair payment for the production unit was a top priority. The brand is now able to support the local region with jobs and fair wages and working with them has been the greatest pleasure.

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I – as a designer – see a certain responsibility within my profession but moreover in the whole fashion industry.

Giving back value to clothes as it once used to be and evoking an appreciation for traditional handicrafts is a main goal I want to achieve with AMA. I set my focus on durability, sourcing the best quality materials and fair wages for everyone involved.

AMA does not follow trends that rule the fashion industry. Instead, I want to share the moments I experienced in this foreign country which is so full of color and positivity through the clothes we produce. Clothes to me are more than a second layer we put on our skin. They become a part of us and should have more value than the disposable ones from chain stores that promote fast fashion.

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About the Author

Julia is a Berlin-based Fashion Designer that embodies sustainability with every fiber. This can not only be seen in her Slow Fashion label Annamariaangelika’s tangible textiles and fair production ethics, it is an integral part of her designs which are inspired by nature’s beauty and the richness of cultural diversity.

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