CAMPBELL’s please feed our hungry volunteers!

imgresWe’ve just finished our first quarterly report for 2016 and we have just over 500 people in the last 3 months who have helped us or are currently in the process of helping us. We would like to say THANKS! – and we think it’s time for some serious help from bigger organizations.

At our events we often serve hot CAMPBELL’s soup and in most cases its paid for out of pocket by volunteers by going out and buying it. We have asked CAMPBELL’s to help us to change the world by giving us some of their great soup for FREE so that we can serve it at events – so far no word yet from CAMPBELL’s but we will update our blog as soon as we find out.

Please help us out by sending a message to CAMPBELLS by telling them how great it would be if they could help us out by serving up some of their great soup at our local events! Make sure you tell them what flavour you like 

You can contact them and leave them feedback at @ – and please make sure you direct your message to their marketing / promotions department – or even better – reach out them on Facebook ( or Twitter (


…although they were very nice about it 🙂


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