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One of the popular trends in fashion is shape wear. These stretchy garments can help lift, flatten, smooth, firm and prevent the dreaded muffin top and ‘VPL’ (visible panty line). With shape wear options becoming more popular with lingerie brands, we round up the best shape wear that are sustainable, ethical and eco friendly.

Dear Frankie


Dear Frankie is a lounge wear inspired lingerie line that focuses on comfort, wearability and femininity. For women that value comfort as much as sex appeal, their environmentally conscious bamboo and modal fabrics are sure to impress and satisfy. They are home to the wonder panty, the High Waist Thong as well as gorgeous versatile swimsuits. Created by Allicia Martin. All their collections are made in Canada.

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Dumi is designed to make you look and feel amazing dressed and undressed. Each style is designed to shape, smooth and sculpt those problem areas that we all have, while making you look and feel as gorgeous as you do in your favorite lingerie.

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Hanna Broer


Hanna Broer, the designer and maker behind Hanna Broer Design only uses sustainable and organic materials to create pieces with exceptional comfort and quality in mind. She is passionate about both limiting the negative environmental impact of fashion, and crafting garments that are a pleasure to wear. All her pieces are hand made in Vermont.


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Bra Society

3_largeMade from charcoal bamboo fibre, this slimming body suit is designed to shape and lift your abdomen, hips, thighs, and bust whilst improving blood circulation and metabolism. A contoured fit with a lowered neckline, it helps to give you the shape that you’ve always wanted without most of the effort involved. A cross back design also helps to maintain proper posture. It’s breathable, elastic, and makes for a comfortable garment throughout the day.


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Rago Shapewear


Rago shapewear strives to be eco-friendly from start to finish. Their garments are made 100% in the USA, drastically reducing the fuel and energy use of transporting the materials.

You can also feel good that you are supporting American jobs — be sexy and stunning in your support garments knowing that they were produced in humane conditions in full accordance with all US labor laws.


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Under the Root


The Briallen Bodysuit is an integrated caress along the ellipse of your body, from the bust to the cheeks. The bodysuit features soft full cups, four panels bounded at the underbust, easeful lingerie trim at edges, lavish bottom coverage, a center front vintage button, and adjustable straps.


Under The Root is an underpinning groundwork to a conscious, wakeful culture.  The intimate apparel designs are hand structured lingerie, loungerie, and boudoir accessories.  Each design and entire process utilizes industrial hemp, organic cottons, sustainable, upcycled, reclaimed and many times vintage textiles.

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Alonuswear Active Shapewear


Their eco-friendly active wear pant is designed specifically to provide a slimming appearance, while contouring the buttocks for a more toned derriere.


Whether on the go, relaxing at home, or having a cappuccino with friends, these comfortable, stylish, and eco-friendly pants are the perfect match for you!

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