The Real Cost of a Canada Goose Parka

At this point, pretty much everyone has heard of the Canada Goose Parka. The brand is expected to make over $50 million in sales this year alone, and it’s not unusual for high-profile celebrities to be seen wearing them – celebrities like Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield, as well as Lucy Liu, Claire Danes, and Ed Westwick. And while celebrity endorsement goes a long way in terms of developing a recognized brand name, the main part of the allure lies in the fur-lined hoods on the parkas. What most people don’t know, unfortunately, is that those linings are made from coyote fur.


These last few months, there has been outrage over the parkas from several animal-rights organizations. Questions are constantly being asked considering the necessity of using coyote fur of all things to line their coats, but Canada Goose refuses to answer most of these questions, or chooses to only give vague commentary on these accusations.


Their main argument is that there is no better insulator than down, citing this as the reason why they only use coyote fur. While to the general public, this explanation is good enough to dismiss any concerns they may have, the reality of the situation is that down is in fact only a good insulator when it’s dry. Wet down is a poor insulator with a very slow drying rate, and is vastly outperformed by several synthetic materials (i.e. Primaloft, the insulator used in military uniforms, which is also a far cheaper option).

Lindsay Rajt, Director of Campaigns for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) said: ‘Canada Goose uses exclusivelyCoyote fur on the trim of their coats and those animals are trapped in a way that is just inherently cruel.’

Essentially, all that Canada Goose is doing is coming up with excuses for their unnecessary use of coyote fur, nearly all of which was obtained using inhumane methods. The real question lies in whether it’s really worth killing hundreds upon hundreds of coyotes for the sole purpose of making a fashion statement.

Image credit: Jennifer Roberts For The Globe and Mail

Image credit: Jennifer Roberts For The Globe and Mail


‘PETA is reaching out to Canada Goose to urge the company to switch to innovative, synthetic fur like their top competitor Helly Hansen, which has been fur-free for many years.

‘Additionally, we are asking that Canada Goose dump down and opt for revolutionary synthetic technology like the one recently developed by The North Face – Thermoball, which mimics down but offers superior versality.’

PETA and animal rights activists have reached out to Canadian Goose for alternative materials to use instead of coyote fur.

A spokesman for Canada Goose said: ‘Our company is built on honesty and authenticity so we have gone to great lengths to be as open as possible about why we use fur on our products, how it is sourced, and the government-regulated practices of the Canadian fur industry.

‘Like many proud Canadians, we don’t believe that the humane killing of animals for functional purpose is wrong. We understand and deeply respect that not everyone agrees with that.’

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