Organic Fabric Manufacturers: Linen

We’re constantly writing about organic fabrics and natural fibres. This week we bring you organic linen manufacturers!

Anand Super Fabrics


Anand Super Fabrics Private Limited is a leading manufacturer and exporter of cotton grey fabrics, fabric woven, 100% cotton, 100% organic cotton, cotton linen, 100% linen, lycra, modal, 100% cotton white shirts, 100% cotton yarn dyed and linen shirts, in India.

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Interloom linens are cultivated by organic farmers in France, Belgium and the Netherlands according to the organic regulations. The flax is spun into yarn in Hungary in a GOTS certified spinnery. The fabric is woven in an Austrian linen weavery. The new linen fabric is woven with long flax fibre yarn which makes it especially high-quality. The fabric is thus produced from the fibre to the final fabric in Central Europe.

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At Libeco they create linen products designed for living in everyday, products that inspire us to slow down and enjoy life. Linen is inherently ecological, extraordinarily comfortable and forever beautiful.

They believe that linen is part of a movement back to essential values: calmer living, less is more, simplicity and quality are paramount.

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Baltic Flax

Baltic Flax features a wide range of linen fabrics from 80 to 1000 g/m2. Most of their fabrics are stocked and sourced inVilnius, Lithuania.

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Eden Fabrics

Eden Fabrics owned by Tamara Caro, founded by her sister Rebeca Caro-Nolan in 2009. Rebeca discovered the devastating effects that conventional cotton growing has on the environment she knew she had to become a part of the positive change that was being made in cotton agriculture. Organic and natural production is about being kind to all living beings including soil life, plants, animals, farmers, and of course you and me. The health of all of these is being compromised by conventional cotton farming methods. Tamara sharing the same compassion as her sister Rebeca, wants to support organic farming and manufacturing knowing that she is helping in what little way she can. As owner and operator of Eden Fabrics, Tamara Caro strives to captivate organic and natural fabrics beautiful aura.

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Closed Joint Stock Company Limageda started activities in 2003. The company is engaged in wholesaling and retailing of linen, cotton, linen fabrics used in funiture production and mixed linen – cotton fabrics manufacture and trade. Limageda offers large linen and cotton yarn variety with wide colour choice. The company‘s main products are sold in Lithuania and EU countries.

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  1. Hi,we live in Namibia , Africa. WE are very interested in buying 100% organic linen fabric as we are staring up a linen bedding business. This is very difficult to find around here, and also very expensive. Can you please advice on manufactures of 100% organic linen fabric. Also on dyed products ex. Kind regards, Joane Boltman ( Windhoek Namibia)

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