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Pure Rest

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Their line of Organic Mattresses, Bedding, Pillows, Pads, Comforters, Blankets, Baby & Children Clothing, and Diapers are ALL tested yearly at a third party lab. No gimmicks, no hidden fibers, no hidden additives, no certificates that have no meaning in order to make ourselves look good. Just straightforward organics from a company whose president is chemically sensitive and recognizes the need for purity from the start and through the consumer’s door.

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Inhabit Living

Inhabit Living, organic cotton, organic cotton sheets, natural organic fibre

Design house, Inhabit is blurring the lines between design-disciplines by taking its graphic style out of the commercial design world and into the home.

Inhabit Living, organic cotton, organic cotton sheets, organic style, ethical sustainable organic cotton

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Shepherd’s Dream

shepherds dream, organic cotton sheets, organic cotton, natural fibres, organic linen

As cottage industry bed makers, they believe in a cooperative work environment that encourages the unique skills of each individual. With dedication to the highest quality craftsmanship, they create unique wool mattresses, mattress toppers, comforters, pillows and bed frames while providing excellent customer service. As leaders in the natural bedding industry, they strive to demonstrate the use of proper materials, production techniques and lifestyle principles with commitment to sustainable industry practices.

shepherds dream, organic cotton, organic cotton sheets, natural organic fibres, organic linen, ethical sustainable organic fibres

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Life kind

life kind, organic cotton, organic cotton sheets, organic cotton fabric, natural fibres, natural organic fibres

Lifekind is the industry leader in providing high-quality organic products for the bedroom and bath. When searching for an organic mattress, it’s crucial to choose a company that makes no compromises in purity. Don’t settle for anything less than a truly organic mattress in your home.

Life kind, natural organic cotton, organic cotton, organic cotton sheets, natural fibres, organic cotton fabric, organic fibres

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Rough Linen

Rough Linen, organic linen, natural organic linen, natural fibres

Natural linen line with a homespun texture, and strong, smooth white sheeting woven to my specification – these are the cornerstones of the Rough linen collection.

Rough Linen

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Featuring organic, natural and certified bedding and mattresses, presented in a low-overhead business model, and hosted by helpful, non-pushy and just darn nice, well-trained humans, Nest Bedding is the little engine that could against the mountain of high pressure, big name mattress brands. Nest Bedding proudly represents brands and products produced by Americans, good quality and even better pricing.

Today, Nest Bedding boasts stores in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles and New York, ready to serve you. If you bought it at Nest, you bought the Best! If you are looking to go green for not a lot of green, eco-friendly and made in America, you came to the right place.New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay Area.

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Soaring Heart

Soaring Heart

Soaring Heart Natural Beds offers a variety of all-organic sleep solutions, including our handcrafted organic latex and innerspring mattresses, futons, and shikibutons. They also carry many sleep accessories, such as comforters, mattress pads, and a huge selection of organic pillows.

Soaring Heart

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Plover organic

Plover organic

Plover textiles are produced from the best quality 100% organic cotton, making it better for you and your family, for your home, and for the environment.

The organic cotton in Plover’s linens comes from non-genetically engineered seeds grown in soil that is free of pesticides, herbicides or other cytotoxins–keeping those poisons away from those you love and out of the ecosystem.

Plover organic, organic cotton sheets, organic cotton, organic fibres, natural fibres, natural organic fibres

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