Which flavor of ice-cream do you like the most?


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I love many different flavours but my favorite has always been coconut.  My daughter loves strawberry, chocolate and vanilla but my son prefers coffee and mango. This is the meaning of diversity to me, a way to enjoy and respect all of the variety of taste, smell, form and size that nature offers us. Life offers us a chance to explore and encourages us to discover them and try them. Likewise, every woman on Earth is a different flavor, or a unique mix of them. No one is more tasty and yummy than another; she is just different and original – and we need to embrace that. After all, who would want to have pistachio ice-cream every single day of their life?

Diversity is everywhere. We welcome diversity in the natural world, as animals, trees, flowers, etc. or the universe, with all its fascinating and inexplicable phenomenas. But when it comes to women our eyes are not so welcoming anymore. I am diverse from you, I think I am unique. There is not another one like me, but, at the same time, I am exactly like you, I am a woman and I share the same wishes as you have. As Anne Frank said: We all live with the objective of being happy; our lives are all different and yet the same. And I add: all women are all different and yet the same.

We are all different with regards to race, culture, language, body and more.This diversity is what makes us as special and unique as our own DNA. Diversity is our precious treasure. Diversity is the best part of life in general, it is why we can show our emotions as wonder, excitement or surprise. Diversity is a treasure for our soul and, to me, the greatest source of inspiration. Diversity is adding more flavor to life. It is the ice-cream box, full of flavors where there is a place for you and I. Differences among us can and should be respected and enjoyed.

We are all women and  this is what we want to be and show, adding our flavor to life and contribute to it in unique ways. As women, we can turn our own diversity into a positive strength. Sometimes we feel the need to look like other women, especially like the stereotypes imposed on us by society’s commercial purposes. If instead, we can learn to use our diversity we can learn to  respect what we are more and more. Every woman must learn to love herself and take care of herself. If we do not do it, nobody will in our place. But everybody will notice if we accept ourselves and our diversity.

Each woman is unique and irreplaceable.

This is the real meaning of beauty.

Beauty belongs to all women.

We have to be brave to show it.

Beauty reveals itself when a woman is self-confident and to be self-confident we have to accept our diversity.

This is the true secret of beauty!

We belong to this world as we are.

If we are able to love ourselves, we will be loved and we will become a model to follow.

Moreover, we will be ready to accept diversity in others.


Diversity is in you and me. It is a gift, a gift of life!


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