Young Eco Designers from S.E. Asia

South East Asian countries, since independence has been asserting its identity through dress. Many of these nations are multicultural, creating interesting blends, including Western styles with natural plant fibres. Here are sustainable designers in the region.

Belle Benyasarn, Thailand

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Belle Benyasarn is a Bangokok-based textile artist and designer. Her studio takes a creative new approach to textile design creating sculptural woven fabric. She explores the capacities of material and experimental technique conveys volume and organic form on different design outcome and aspects including fashion, interior and gallery work. Belle was a finalist at the recent Eco Chic Design Awards.

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Mak Tumang, Philippines

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Mak Tumang is a designer with vision. His rich designs and elaborate details are often influenced by his love of opulent costumes and Architecture of different eras. He uses his strong background in historical costumes and ornaments as his inspiration in manufacturing fabrics using silk, tulle, felt and others for his creations, be it for clients, fashion shoots or runway shows. He is experimental when it comes to fabrics and textures. His penchant for using natural, environmental and eco-friendly materials combined with the beauty and flair of the fashion industry landed him an accolade as he was adjudged as the “Grand Prize Winner” in the Miss Earth 2nd Eco-fashion Contest (2009).

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Felicia Budi, Indonesia


Among the new guard of fashion designers in Indonesia, Felicia Budi easily stands out. As the founder and creative director of her label fbudi, she is known to consistently experiment with textiles and fabrications in concocting her womenswear collections.

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Pearly Wong, Malaysia


Launched in 2012, the debut Pearly Wong collection was shown to a select crowd of buyers and fashion insiders. Gaining positive exposure after the launch of the label, Pearly Wong followed up by showing at Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week in 2013 to an enthusiastic crowd of mainstream media.

The brand aesthetic and ideals are ingrained in every garment produced – wearable, unisex, ethically conscious handmade clothing.

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Danelle Woo, Singapore


Aijek was created in 2010 by self-taught designer Danelle Woo who wanted to create a line comprising of beautiful, easy and effortless pieces with sustainable high quality fabrics. Choosing to work mostly with natural fibers such as silk which ages beautifully, she presents them in modern feminine silhouettes. The result is a timeless creation of easy-to-wear pieces that will stay in the wardrobe for years to come.
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Linda Mai Phung, Vietnam

Linda Mai Phung is a French fashion designer based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam where she founded her eponymous label in 2010.Her designs are inspired from her journeys and peregrinations around the world.

Linda Mai Phung was awarded by: the Eco-fashion Designer Award by Néoplanète Magazine in 2011 (France), the Creativity Prize of the Ethical Fashion Show in Paris in 2011, and the Innovation Source Award 2012 of the Ethical Fashion Forum.

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