Slavery Made: You’re Wearing It.

This seasons trends are hot and fast, are you ready to get yours?! Will you get it during the hot sale at 80% off? Do you know that an eight-year-old girl filled in for her mother to pick the cotton for your shirt so her mother could stay home to take care of her sick three-year-old brother? Did you know that eight-year-old girl had to work 10 hours with no break and no lunch? How about the fact that she was collecting this cotton under forced labour by her government, who also forces her school teacher and family doctor into the fields as well? The citizens of Uzbekistan and 300 million people from over 80 countries are all facing this injustice. We have the power to do something about it. The folks at have provided us with an in depth look at how the supply chain of the cotton industry effects everything and everyone around us.

Check it out:

To shed futher light on the cost of human slavery, here is a video provided to us by Truthloader. This video is extrermly informative of what is truly going on behind the scenes of the garment and textile factories that we all help to support.

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