How I hate the mall

One of the main things I hate in life is shopping for clothing. I wasn’t always like this, I used to love shopping for clothes. Going to the mall was my treat after a long week of work. Being able to buy a new shirt, jeans, dress, or sweater was the highlight of my week.

Driving to the mall looking for the perfect shirt, finding it and trying it on and it just fit perfect, was my favorite thing to do but that was 15 years ago before I had children. Before I grew hips, when clothes seemed to fit. Now I dread going to the mall. Finding clothes for my son isn’t a issue. He doesn’t care what I buy him and he’s still small enough that actual size on clothing still fits him.

This change is not because I’m older and am looking for something organic or ethically made or something fashionable. Its the sizing. The last time I went to the mall I decided I wanted a new shirt, a new sweater and a new pair of jeans. Its been awhile since I last treated myself to anything and I needed these items and I can get all three in a single trip to the mall. I was excited. I never treat myself and I was kid free so it was gonna be a good day, or so I thought. 

The mall I find, unless you go there all the time seems to change. New stores, stores moved to a bigger spot, or stores that didn’t do so well are gone. But there’s still lots to choose from and most stores have some sort of deal from 25% off to 50% off, or the buy 1 get 1 free. Everyone loves deals, I know I do. So I go to the first store with great displays of clothing that is more my style. I walk in and I’m in love with so many of what I see and  I pick out 5 shirts and 2 sweaters in my size and go to the change rooms. I try each and every one on and guess what? None of them fit. This is my usual size. I decide maybe I’ll get 1 size larger which is a XL. The biggest size they have. They have to fit. I go back to the change room and try them on. They still don’t fit. What is going on? I haven’t gained weight, my other shirts at home including my sweaters haven’t changed so why aren’t these clothes fitting me? I did this at 4 other stores before giving up on my journey to get any shirts or sweaters.


By this time I’m discouraged, My self-esteem has dropped cause nothing fits. I decide, I might as well go to my favorite place to buy jeans. I’ve never had a issue buying jeans. I may not get a shirt or sweater but at least I’ll get a pair of brand new jeans. So I find my favorite jean store and pick out 3 pairs of jeans, there’s so many to choose, from skinny to relaxed fit. So I pick 3 pairs I like and go to the change room. I try all 3 of them on and each pair fit differently. There all the same size but all fit differently, even the one pair of jeans didn’t fit at all, but its the same size as the others.

So I decide to try a couple of different other stores before finally giving up. I left the mall empty handed aside from the smoothie. 30 stores in that mall and I couldnt buy a single thing that fit just right. It seems a lot of brand names have shrunk their sizes. A sweater that use to be an L is now labeled as  XL but fits like a medium. A shirt that was a medium now fits as a small. Jeans that used to be labelled at size 10, 11, and 12 are now size 32, 34, or 36. If someone asks me what size jeans I use,  I used to be able to say to her that I’m a size 11 now it’s I’m a 32 by 36. What is a size 00? or a xxxs? Are these normal sizes?


I used to go to the mall and enjoy shopping. Now I hate it. If I was to buy shoes, I’d have better luck finding shoes than to find a shirt that fits properly. The mall seems to have clothes more for a teenager. The sizes aren’t meant for women unless you’re the size of a twig. I consider myself as average in size and the mall needs to adapt to the rest of us that aren’t teenagers, or a size 03. I now shop at thrift stores because recycling clothes is great for the environment and with a bit of effort I am able to buy clothing in the size I recognize.  I realize we have stores for women who need bigger clothing but what about women that are just in the middle? I want clothes that fit me, not clothes that are either too big or too small.

These days I avoid the mall because its likely that I’ll leave with nothing and slightly feel bad over my size. It’s like having a fit with your best friend and she tells you your fat. It hurts and you believe it. That’s how I feel leaving the mall. I don’t know about you but I don’t wanna feel that way.

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