Bikini Season is coming!

Summer Swimsuits & Stretch-marks

It’s spring time so if your anything like me you’ve gained some weight over the winter season, and are now starting to dread that it’s only a couple months to beach season.

Last year was the first time I had worn a bikini since having my son. And before that, never in a million years would you have seen me in a bikini. I,  like many other women (and men) hate my body. Since having my son I’ve gained stretch marks and the “mommy tummy” plus baby weight that I can’t seem to loose. So wearing a bikini was never ever going to happen.

Those stretch marks aren’t going anywhere regardless of the hundreds of creams, lotions and wraps that claim they can take them away. The “mummy tummy” well I can tame that but with a 4 year old and a busy lifestyle it’s difficult to add a work out routine to my daily schedule. Sure,  it will get smaller but it will always be there. The joys of having a c-section.

Then of course there’s “fat shaming“.  Trust me when I say that I love my friends to death, but they didn’t even realize they were fat shaming me.


Can the Media Portray Self-Esteem? I Know I Can.

Self-esteem is huge when it comes to putting on a bikini…. or any kind of bathing suit. I remember countless times going into a store to buy a bathing suit and trying on countless 2 piece bathing suits, slimming bathing suits, one piece bathing suits and by the end of it I hated my body even more. No matter what bathing suit I put on I hated myself in it. Every summer it was the same. I’d end up buying a bathing suit that I thought was the best out of the 20 I tried on but when I’d go to the beach the tank top that was over top of that bathing suit was NOT coming off. You couldn’t pay me enough to take it off. That tank top was my best friend, it hid my “mummy tummy” and if it was long enough, which it always was, It would also hide my stretch marks.

So how did I go from that to wearing a bikini at the beach, you wonder? I still had the stretch marks and the mummy tummy, that didn’t go away. I still had a hate/hate relationship with my body, so what changed?


I just happened to be surfing the web one day and came across an article. It was called Love your lines by Olivia Fleming. It was an article about women sharing pictures of their stretch marks online. Two mothers hoping to make a difference in the world of female body image created a Instagram account just celebrating stretch marks. Okay, my first reaction wasn’t very positive… why celebrate my stretch marks, when I am used to hiding them from everyone but the shower and my pets, and yes, I know I’m not the only woman in the world that has stretch marks and I know I got them from having a wonderful baby boy.  But still, I still couldn’t see the point of celebrating the fact I have them….its not like they’re going anywhere.

#LoveYourLines: Beautiful Women Sharing Courage

According to the article in less than 2 weeks 31,000 followers, women from around the world were using the hashtag #LoveYourLines to submit images of their own ‘tiger marks’ – and the stories behind them. The stories I read made me want to love myself and not care what others had to say.

But it didn’t end there, all of a sudden I was reading other articles about women with the same issues I had wearing bikini’s and not caring. These were women that would write about wearing a bikini to the beach and having people stare, and whisper and even ask them how they could wear a bikini and show off a body that looked the ways theirs did, but the amount of people that were supportive and how empowering it was made me think.


Body Image: Don’t Hate!

Why do I hate my body so much? Why did the fact that I had stretch marks and a mummy tummy bother me so much? It shouldn’t.

The majority of people have stretch marks, even men. So when you’re out looking for that bathing suit and you see a skinny girl going into the change room with a cute little bikini wishing you could wear that, you can. Go get that bikini in your size and put it on and remember,  if I can do it you can to.  Accept your body and be happy, I know I finally have. And it just took a bit of reading to open my eyes.


Just remember ethical and sustainable bikini’s and bathing suits can make you look great but are also great for your skin and health, check out here for the best brands of swimwear that focus on sustainable and recycled fabrics for all types of bodies. 

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