Objectification in the fashion world!

Objectification: What is it?


Objectification is basically defined as the process where people are viewed and treated as objects. I don’t view myself as an object or wish to be treated as a object. I don’t believe any woman or even men want to be viewed or treated as an object, but in the fashion world this is normal. According to the National Organization for Men Against Sexism, NOMAS:

Objectification [is] portrayals of women in ways and contexts which suggest that women are objects to be looked at, ogled, touched, or used; anonymous things or commodities to be purchased, perhaps taken; and once tired of, discarded, often to be replaced by a newer, younger edition; certainly not treated as full human beings with equal rights and needs.

In society women are most often the targets of objectification. This is because woman are more valued for their appearance. If you’ve ever been on a dating site as a woman then you know that you’re only as valuable as the way you look, or your sex appeal as determined by the man that’s messaging you. Its not different walking down the street. A man doesn’t look at a woman walking down the street and decides he wants to talk to her because she looks like she might have a nice personality. He’s looking at the way she’s dressed and her sex appeal. This is why women spend way too long trying to find that perfect outfit to go on that first date because I don’t know a woman that will just throw on a pair of jeans and t-shirt and decide that’s how she’s going out on her date.

I can relate, even to this day, if I have a dinner party to go to, or a girl’s night out, you’ll hear me more often than not saying I have nothing in my closet even though I have tons of items of clothes to wear. I’d have no problem putting on any outfit at any other time but because its a special occasion, I want to look nice and suddenly have nothing to wear. So why do we do this to ourselves?

The problems with objectification is obvious when you think about it. It results in the mistreatment of women when they are used as means to an end (often for sexual gratification) rather than respected and treated with dignity as whole. But there are also deeper concerns. When women are objectified, they are necessarily dehumanized.Though not directly the cause of it, objectification enables an environment where violence against women is okay and permissible. Objects, after all, do not have feelings or deserve fair treatment and respect. 

Look at fashion. I decided to look up ads promoting clothing. I was deeply disturbed. We all know sex sells but more often than not women’s breasts and butts are used to sell clothing.

american-apparel (1) tumblr-shit1

I found these 2 photos. This is the difference between how men advertise clothing and how women advertise clothing. Both photos are advertising the same exact shirt. When looking at the men I can tell the advertising is to sell the shirt. The women, well that’s a different story. I’m not sure if its the shirt that they are selling or the female body, at least the woman in the first photo is wearing underwear but the second seems to have lost hers while playing pool. Yes, these are not new advertisements and American Apparel has become slightly less obvious about the intent of their ads,Despite all this current ad’s still result in similar levels of objectification.


I’m not in the least saying that showing off your body is bad, in fact all women should feel that they can show their bodies and feel free to express their sexuality whatever way they want. I’m all for empowering women, but what I don’t understand is why it has to be used to sell products than expressing their sexuality. Women should feel free to express their sexuality on their own terms not so that individuals will buy a piece of clothing.

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  2. Well I completely disagree. If I for example have a daughter and she goes to a party wearing sexy cloths and gets sexually assaulted And I get my hands on the perpetrator I will kill the perpertrator lol. But I would never blame my daughter because of how she choose to dress. Your research lol is bogus and filled with misinterpretations and hot air.

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