Organic Fabric Manufacturers: Hemp

Each week we’ve been sourcing for organic fabric manufacturers globally to help our readers who are looking to start sustainable clothing lines.

Hemp provides all the warmth and softness of a natural textile, but with a superior durability seldom found in other materials. Hemp is extremely versatile and can be used for countless products such as apparel, accessories, shoes, furniture, and home furnishings. Items derived from hemp manufacturers incorporate all the beneficial qualities and will likely last longer and withstand harsh conditions.

Here are some of the manufactures:



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Chinas Bambro Textile specializes in the research, development, and application of the new-typed eco-friendly textile material, Bamboo fibre, which fills a new niche in green natural fibre in textile industries.

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Liahren is the leading manufacturer of eco-friendly fabrics of bamboo fabrics, hemp fabrics,organic cotton fabrics, modal fabrics, tencel fabrics…and new fabric innovation also home to textile of towels, blankets,bedding.

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As the leader in the Eco-friendly home textile industry, Liahren are involved in the new eco-friendly fabrics development, and fashion clothes design and development. Liahren have been the largest Eco-friendly home textile factory in China.

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Envirotextiles in Glenwood Springs, CO, is a pioneer in the development of hemp and hemp blend textiles. They are industry leaders in their efforts to improve corporate responsibility and transparency in manufacturing processes and labeling.

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HFX was founded in 1999 with the idea that fabrics can be environmentally friendly and still meet the strict requirements of the apparel industry; for fashion, innovation, performance, quality and delivery. Call it conscience without compromise.

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Taian Hemp Textile

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Taian Lianchuang Textile Co., Ltd. is a professional organic natural fiber textile manufacturer in China. Their business covers weaving, dying, and clothing. This year they have mainly done hemp, tencel, model, cbamboo, RPET, and organic cotton fabrics and garments.

Taian Hemp Textile online


Qingdao Fab Mill

Founded in 2004, Qingdao Fab Mill is a professional manufacturer and exporter specializing in textiles. Their main products are all kinds of fabrics made from natural fibers, particularly hemp textiles.


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    • I’m working with a group of investors in Oregon to start the first hemp fiber processing plant in our state. We are hoping to meet the Organic standard. What kind of volume would you be looking for?

  1. could you please help me, im wanting to start my own clothing line i have a few ideas in mind. i want all the clothing to be with hemp made fabric. any help would be welcomed thank you

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