Behind the leather

Do all hearts not beat the same? They all work to push blood to our organs and extremities, to bring oxygen and life to the body it serves. What is the difference between the beating heart of an animal and a human? They work the same, only in a different package.

When we buy leather made products, we don’t see the process behind it. We see the beautiful finished product and how well it would look with our favourite outfit, not the cruelty behind the process. I often imagine what it would be like if the roles were reversed. Imagine if you can, alligators moseying around with ‘Human’ skinned purses and jackets, those cute little shoes they’d wear! Seems appalling, right? Well, what if the process was to keep us trapped like sardines until our brains are blown out for our skins? I’m not trying to share this ‘idea’ as a morbid start to your day. I’m trying to convey an empathetic view from a being that cannot speak for itself, or defend itself. 

Inside, whether we choose to be wilfully blind or simply not care, we all know the difference between what is right and wrong. Are we not animals ourselves when we choose not to make a decision that impacts more than just ourselves? This video does a fantastic job of displaying what it is we forget when we purchase these exotic items. Does this type of display help you to see things in a different light?

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