The Conscious Shift

is a Positive Conscious Shift in the World; one that is worthy being excited about! With its dawn comes hope, health, happiness, purpose….and the beginning of the ‘necessary reversal’ of the human destruction which has led to the ‘devastating impact’ well known as ‘climate change’

The Revolutionist are the folks who find themselves ‘changing’. The conscious mind emerges, as you begin to uncover new ways of thinking, doing, practising…Living for all that is eco, natural, sustainable, organic, holistic & healthy. Innovation & creativity begins to evolve. A desire to feel healthy, strong and fulfilled with positivity is only the beginning of this ‘invertible awakening’.


The Chemical Detox

Detoxing your body, your home and your car interior from synthetic chemicals is prominent in this transformation. Synthetic chemicals are derived from Petroleum bases. A well-known & proven Central Nervous System Reactant!

This substance, petroleum is not only responsible for the slow sad death of our environment; but also ourselves.
Do you ever wonder…’perhaps we were never meant to dig it up and use it; it was long and gone, buried deep down, where it could cause no harm, now look, we only have ourselves to blame!’
We live daily surrounded by the application & fumes from this deadly CNS Reactant; Petroleum. Found to be the base formula in many skin & scalp applications, perfumes, anti-perspiring deodorants, household cleaning agents, perfumed room/car deodorisers…the list is enormous!


It has been assured; you will use & not go anywhere in any part of your day, without suffocating in petroleum!

Then when you feel depressed, anxious, unnerved, confused and ill from associated CNS disorders, you can depend on more chemicals in the form of a prescription to pull you through! Do you see the negative cycle?

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Detoxing your body from the in gestation of chemically infused and enhanced foods is also a prominent decision one must partake in this transformation of ‘positive consciousness’

A body full of toxic overflow cannot produce the energy it requires to function at optimal levels of health and creative awareness. A body backed up with chemically enhanced foods is a body laying in wait for disease.


Eating convenience foods, microwaved foods, deep fried take out foods, GMOs, foods with refined white sugar & artificial sweeteners, drive through foods, high sugared & high sodium foods, synthetic coloured foods, high carbohydrate foods, caffeinated energy drinks, foods with a list of endless number codes within the ingredients; Are Foods You Should Stay Clear from!

Your enslavement to these foods can be severed; you can overcome the desire and addiction using the will power of your mind backed by the faith in your own-self!

These foods were and have been designed for pure profit margins; containing substances as addictive as crack cocaine to ensure your money would be back in their pockets.

These foods were not made from pure love and respect for humanity! These foods do not care for you, they give you no life force, no long-lasting slow release energy.
These foods have & will cost you your life! ‘Stake your reclaim’ regarding your health & well-being. Stop eating & supporting the junk food industry, save yourself, your children, your loved ones; give them a chance to develop a pure mind, one which has not been chemically induced by corporations!
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GET RID OF YOUR MICROWAVE. When did it become okay to cook your food with radiation? How is the world okay with this? Do you stand next to this radiation while waiting 2 mins for your frozen plastic cheeseburger? Do you serve this radiated food to your children? Microwave convenient style foods, combined with plastic cookware, covers & packaging, are all the foods you should avoid!
It’s not hard to rid your home of the microwave, but it does take a little dedication!
Happy Holistic Tip…Reheating food in a frypan on low heat, with a little water (to prevent sticking & to create steam) on the stove top is suffice; it only takes a couple minutes! For larger portions, reheat in the oven; or only cook what you will require for that meal. If your someone who takes ‘leftovers for lunch’ to work and depends on the microwave in the staff room, try Eating Raw; it’s healthier & it takes the time out of cooking altogether, providing the body with optimal energy required to get you through that last tiring stretch of the afternoon.


It is a process to alter the existing habits of your life; habits that you may not have even realised until now, that they were negative and causing you harm. It takes pure love for yourself and of course pure love for those who are in your care. By simply changing what you use, apply and consume, you can and have begun the conscious awakening!





About the Author

Eco enthusiast, Outdoors lover, amateur Photographer & experimental Cook. Founder of Earth Skin & Eden Natural Skin Care Company. ESE was created out of pure passion for holistic living! I am for the ‘conscious movement’ alongside all the other eco lovers of the world…the more people we can awaken the better off we’ll be.

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