Worker Welfare, How do your brands rank?

Do you shop ethically? Do you know where your brands stand on the treatment of their employees?

Knowing where your brands stand might help you to decide if you still want to keep buying those brands. After all, the treatment of the people making your clothes should be top on your list.

We’ve all seen videos and heard about how workers are treated when making our brand name clothes. Some of us care about worker exploitation although there are people that don’t want to hear about it or even acknowledge how these clothes are made. I myself care.  3 years after the deadly garment factory collapsed, brands are finally under pressure to improve conditions for the millions of workers in developing countries that are making our clothes.

I’m sure a lot of fashion companies don’t realize what kind of exploitation is going on in those factories, I think of how some of the jobs I’ve worked at and how when the management or the owner is going to stop by, they get us on our top game. How everything needs to be perfect just for that one day. So I can imagine the owners of these factories if they know someone is coming by, they make everything look perfect. After all they don’t want the truth to come out.


Baptist World Aid has released a report that gives clothing manufacturers a grade of A to F based on efforts to improve these conditions. “[The rankings are] a measure of the efforts undertaken by each company to mitigate the risks of forced labour, child labour and worker exploitation throughout their supply chains,” the report states.

The grades are based on public information, as well as information about worker welfare provided by the brands. Companies that did not provide information are marked with an asterisk in the table below.

“If brands do not disclose, or are unwilling to disclose, what they are doing to ensure that workers are not exploited in their supply chains, then it becomes near impossible for consumers and the public to know if these brands are investing sufficiently to mitigate these risks,”

How is your brand doing on this scale? I was surprised at the results, and I’m sure you will be too.

The List

Brand Company Grade
& Other Stories H&M B+
7 For All Mankind VF Corporation B-
ABCD Indoe Industrie B-
Abercrombie & Fitch* Abercombie & Fitch* C-
AbercrombieKids* Abercombie & Fitch* C-
Actil Pacific Brands B+
Adidas Adidas Group A-
Agenda David Jones B-
Aldi Aldi C
Ally* Ally Fashion* F
Alta Linea David Jones B-
American Apparel American Apparel B-
AS Colour AS Colour B-
Ashphalt* Pavement United Brands* F
Athleta* Gap Inc.* C+
Audrey Blue Audrey Blue A+
Autograph Specialty Fashion Group C+
Avella Big W C
Bali Hanesbrands Inc. B
Banana Republic* Gap Inc.* C+
Bardot Bardot C-
Bardot Junior Bardot C-
Barely There Hanesbrands Inc. B
Basque Myer C+
Beare & Leay Lowes C-
BeMe Pretty Girl Fashion Group C+
Berlei Pacific Brands B+
Bershka Inditex A
Best & Less* Best & Less* D-
Billabong Billabong C
Bisley* Gazal* D-
Blaq Myer C+
Boden Boden C+
Bonds Pacific Brands B+
Boohoo** F
Breakaway Breakaway C+
Brooks Brothers Oroton Group D+
Bulwark VF Corporation B-
Burton Menswear Arcadia Group C+
C9 by Champion Hanesbrands Inc. B
Calvin Klein* PVH Corp* C
Capture EziBuy C
Champion Hanesbrands Inc. B
Charlie & Me Pumpkin Patch D
Cheap Monday H&M B+
City Chic Specialty Fashion Group C+
Claude Maus* Factory X* F
Cobra Golf Puma B-
Coco Beach* Pavement United Brands* F
Coles Coles B-
Colorado Fusion Retail Brands D+
Connor Retail Apparel Group C+
Converse* Nike* C+
Cotton On Cotton On Group B+
Cotton On Body Cotton On Group B+
Cotton On Kids Cotton On Group B+
Country Road Country Road  Group B+
Crestell Pacific Brands B+
Crossroads Specialty Fashion Group C+
Cue Cue Clothing Co B-
Dangerfield* Factory X* F
Darn Tough Simon de Winter C
David Jones David Jones B-
David Lawrence Webster Holdings C
DC Quiksilver C
Diana Ferrari Fusion Retail Brands D+
DIM Hanesbrands Inc. B
Dockers* Levis Strauss & Co.* C+
Dorothy Perkins Arcadia Group C+
Dotti Just Group C+
Dunlopillo Pacific Brands B+
Dymples Big W C
Eagle Creek VF Corporation B-
Eatpak VF Corporation B-
Element Billabong C
Elka Collective* Brand Collective* F
Ella Moss VF Corporation B-
Elwood* Brand Collective* F
Emerge EziBuy C
Emerson Big W C
Esprit Esprit B
Etiko Etiko A+
European Collection EziBuy C
Evans Arcadia Group C+
Evil Twin House of Quirky D+
Explorer Pacific Brands B+
EziBuy EziBuy C
Factorie Cotton On Group B+
Fairydown Pacific Brands B+
Final Days* Brand Collective* F
Fine Lines Simon de Winter C
Forever 21* Forever 21* D-
Forever New Forever New B
Fred Bare Designworks C+
Free Fusion Target Australia B-
Fruit of the Loom Fruit of the Loom B
Gap* Gap Inc.* C+
Gazal* Gazal* D-
Gear for Sports Hanesbrands Inc. B
General Pants Co Basics* General Pants* F
General Pants* General Pants* F
Glassons Glassons C+
Grace Hill EziBuy C
Grosby* Brand Collective* F
Gum* Pavement United Brands* F
Gumboots* Pavement United Brands* F
Guy Leech Big W C
H&M H&M B+
Hanes Hanesbrands Inc. B
Henri Bendel* L Brands* D+
Hestia Pacific Brands B+
Holeproof Pacific Brands B+
Hollister* Abercombie & Fitch* C-
Honolua Surf Company Billabong C
Horace Small VF Corporation B-
Hurley* Nike* C+
Hush Puppies* Brand Collective* F
Indie Industrie B-
Indie & Co Industrie B-
Industrie Industrie B-
Intermix* Gap Inc.* C+
Jacqui E Just Group C+
Jansport VF Corporation B-
Jay Jays Just Group C+
Jeanswest Jeanswest B
Jets Jets B
Jockey Pacific Brands B+
Johnny Bigg Retail Apparel Group C+
JuliusMarlow* Brand Collective* F
Jump* Voyager Distributing Co* F
Just Jeans Just Group C+
Kachel* Voyager Distributing Co* F
Karen Walker Karen Walker C
Kathmandu Kathmandu B-
Katies Specialty Fashion Group C+
Kayser Simon de Winter C
Kipling VF Corporation B-
Kmart Kmart B
Knights Apparel Hanesbrands Inc. B
Kookai Kookai C
Kustom Billabong C
La Senza* L Brands* D+
Lacoste Lacoste C+
LEE VF Corporation B-
Lee Cooper Big W C
Lemonade* Pavement United Brands* F
Levis* Levis Strauss & Co.* C+
Lily Loves Target Australia B-
Liminal Apparel Liminal Apparel A-
Lorna Jane* Lorna Jane* D
Lowes Lowes C-
Lucy VF Corporation B-
Lululemon Lululemon Athletica C
L’urv* Factory X* F
Macpac Macpac D+
Maidenform Hanesbrands Inc. B
Majestic VF Corporation B-
Marco Polo Yarra Trail C+
Marcs Webster Holdings C
Massimo Dutti Inditex A
Mathers Fusion Retail Brands D+
Metalicus Metalicus C+
Michelle Bridges Big W C
Mighty Good Undies Audrey Blue A+
Milana David Jones B-
Milkshake Myer C+
Millers Specialty Fashion Group C+
Mimco Country Road  Group B+
Mink Pink House of Quirky D+
MIRROU Fast Future Brands D+
Miss Selfridge Arcadia Group C+
Miss Shop Myer C+
Mix Apparel Coles B-
Moda Target Australia B-
Molli & Mimi Target Australia B-
Monki H&M B+
Mooks Designworks C+
Napapijri VF Corporation B-
Nautica VF Corporation B-
New Balance New Balance C+
Nike* Nike* C+
Nudie Jeans Nudie Jeans B+
Old Navy* Gap Inc.* C+
Olga* PVH Corp* C
Oroton Oroton Group D+
Oysho Inditex A
Paint it Red House of Quirky D+
Patagonia Patagonia A-
Pavement* Pavement United Brands* F
Petals* Pavement United Brands* F
Peter Alexander Just Group C+
Peter Morrisey Big W C
Ping Pong* Voyager Distributing Co* F
Pink* L Brands* D+
Piper Myer C+
Platinum Pacific Brands B+
Playtex Hanesbrands Inc. B
Pom Pom* Pavement United Brands* F
Portmans Just Group C+
Princess Highway* Factory X* F
Pull&Bear Inditex A
Puma Puma B-
Pumpkin Patch Pumpkin Patch D
Quiksilver Quiksilver C
Quirky Circus House of Quirky D+
R.M. Williams R.M. Williams C+
Razza Matazz Pacific Brands B+
Red Kap VF Corporation B-
Red Robin Pacific Brands B+
Reebok Adidas Group A-
Reef VF Corporation B-
Regatta Myer C+
Republic Designworks C+
Reserve Myer C+
Review Review C+
Revival* Factory X* F
Riders by LEE VF Corporation B-
Rio Pacific Brands B+
Rivers Specialty Fashion Group C+
Rock & Republic VF Corporation B-
Rockmans Pretty Girl Fashion Group C+
Rockwear Retail Apparel Group C+
Roger David* Roger David* F
Roxy Quiksilver C
Rrepp Rrepp A-
Rubi Cotton On Group B+
Russel Brands Fruit of the Loom B
Rustler VF Corporation B-
RVCA Billabong C
Saba APG & Co B+
Sachi* Brand Collective* F
Sara EziBuy C
Sass & Bide Myer C+
Scram* Pavement United Brands* F
Seed Heritage* Seed Heritage* F
Sheer Relief Pacific Brands B+
Sheridan Pacific Brands B+
Shoe Warehouse* Brand Collective* F
Shoes & Sox* Brand Collective* F
Simon de Winter Simon de Winter C
Smartwool VF Corporation B-
Some Days Lovin House of Quirky D+
Spalding Fruit of the Loom B
Speedo* PVH Corp* C
Splendid VF Corporation B-
Sportscraft APG & Co B+
Sportsgirl Sussan Group B
Sprout Myer C+
St James David Jones B-
Staple the Lable House of Quirky D+
Stradivarius Inditex A
Supre Cotton On Group B+
Susan Sussan Group B
Suzanne Grae Sussan Group B
T30 Target Australia B-
Table Eight Pretty Girl Fashion Group C+
Target Target Australia B-
Target Collection Target Australia B-
Target Essentials Target Australia B-
Target Limited Editions Target Australia B-
Tarocash Retail Apparel Group C+
TaylorMade Adidas Group A-
T-Bar Cotton On Group B+
Temt Fast Future Brands D+
The Foundry David Jones B-
The Lost Girls House of Quirky D+
The North Face VF Corporation B-
Tigerlily Billabong C
Timberland VF Corporation B-
Tommy Hilfiger* PVH Corp* C
Tontine Pacific Brands B+
Topman Arcadia Group C+
Topshop Arcadia Group C+
Tree of Life Tree of Life C-
Trenery Country Road  Group B+
UNIQLO Fast Retailing B
Urban Angel Pumpkin Patch D
Uterque Inditex A
Valley Girl Fast Future Brands D+
Van Huesen* PVH Corp* C
Vanity Fair Fruit of the Loom B
Vans VF Corporation B-
Veronika Maine Cue Clothing Co B-
Victoria’s Secret* L Brands* D+
Volley* Brand Collective* F
Voodoo Pacific Brands B+
W. Lane Pretty Girl Fashion Group C+
Wallis Arcadia Group C+
Warner’s* PVH Corp* C
Wax Bros* Pavement United Brands* F
Weekday H&M B+
Williams Fusion Retail Brands D+
Willow APG & Co B+
Witchery Country Road  Group B+
Wonderbra Hanesbrands Inc. B
World Industries Designworks C+
Wrangler VF Corporation B-
Xcel Billabong C
Yarra Trail Yarra Trail C+
yd Retail Apparel Group C+
Zara Inditex A
Zara Home Inditex A
Zom-B* Pavement United Brands* F

* Companies that did not provide information.

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