Raising my son to buy ethically, Can I do it?

Trying to raise our children right is an on going battle. The older they get, the more you need to teach them.

How do you raise your child to grow up and buy ethically with all the new trends every year?

Being a parent is the greatest joy in my life. He’s what I wake up to every morning, he’s what makes me laugh and smile and he sometimes drives me crazy. If your a parent you try and install your children with the best possible morals in life. You try and raise them to be the best they can be and install ethics in them so that they can grow up to be the greatest little humans in life. I myself am a huge fan of thrift stores and recycling my clothing. I will admit when my son was first born I didn’t think about how his clothes were made or what chemicals could be going into my son’s skin when I bought those brand new sleeper’s or onesie’s I was buying. They were adorable, that’s all that mattered back than. This was my first child and all I could think about was my new little bundle of joy. I did learn quick though.


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My son grew quit fast. My friends and family did help with hand me downs and clothing they would buy, but I realized what was the point of buying new clothes when he would wear them for a couple weeks and he’d be on to the next size. What can I say I had quite the chunky monkey on my hands. That’s when I figured, I buy second hand clothes for myself, I might as well buy second hand for him. I saved so much money and the clothes were just as cute as the ones brand new. The best was I could wash them and wasn’t worried about it shrinking cause someone else had already worn it and it had already been washed a couple times, more than likely.

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So my son who is now 4 years old, has been wearing second hand clothes and hand me downs since he was 3 months old, and do you think he cares? Nope. My son couldn’t care less what I buy him when it comes to clothes, but he does love when I buy him clothes with Disney characters on them or Spiderman or Batman. Jeans and pants he doesn’t care what brand as long as they fit and trust me when I say every season I’m off to my favorite thrift store to buy more clothes and he comes with me. 

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I can say since he’s been able to walk and talk our favorite shopping day is going to the thrift store, and its the only place we’ve been to buy clothes. We’ve never been to the mall or anywhere else to buy clothes. Always second hand shops and thrift stores. 

So I started thinking will buying clothes at these stores stick once he gets older? He knows no difference now, but what about later on when he’s in high school and it’s cool to have some brand name shirts, or hoodies, or even jeans? All those brands I can get at thrift stores but will I still be the cool mom when I buy them there? When he starts getting a allowance will he want to still go to the thrift stores to buy his own clothes? 


Right now he loves getting that minion hoodie that mommy bought for $3 at our favorite thrift store, or at Christmas getting that pajama set that mommy bought second hand for $5. I obviously don’t want to tell him the horror stories of how most new clothes are made when he’s 4 (that’s for later on), but can I keep this going? I’m hoping so. 

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