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When I started La Petite Mort, as a project to promote sustainable Fashion, around a year and a half ago, I had a second personal intention: to somehow enhance the bonds between the two countries where this project mainly develops, Peru and France. How to do so with the barrier of language, culture, time zone and, let’s not forget, the Atlantic? I wasn’t really sure at the time, but I knew I wanted to.

One good day, I accidentally met Jean-Alfredo, a young French landscape designer, with a development- artistic project for (nothing less than) a community in the Peruvian Amazon. I immediately fell in love with the project for two reasons: first, because I thought it was indeed necessary and feasible, and second because the fact that a couple of young students in a different continent had taken the time to study the problematic and need of a remote community of my country, which I have to admit, a lot of Peruvians never even think about, is rather awesome. And so, hereby I explain the details of this project, hopefully it will connect with you, the way it has with me, and you’ll find the time to support it, if not with 10 euros, by spreading the word… we have a week left to go!

A garden, a travel Journal

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 15.22.29

Two landscape designers aim to make all the way to the Lamas Community, in the Peruvian Amazon to build a garden of vegetable goods and medicinal plants to supply the local clinic and the medical research center of Rios Nete. While doing so, they will be portraying the journey and leaning experiences in a graphic journal.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 15.23.05

They aim to understand and learn from the local agricultural techniques to later mix it to their technical and artistic skills of landscaping in order to build a comprehensive project around the garden. They hope to protect the rural know-how and help develop the village in an equitable way.

 What can you expect in return for your support?

A HUGE thank you! Of course, but let’s not forget that these two design lovers will be setting up a graphic journal on the adventure. For your kind support they will be adding your name at the end of the book, as part of the people that allowed all of these to happen.

If you’re hesitating and want to check out the artistic skills of these two:

Finally, if their work convinced you and most importantly, if you believe in this project and wish to contribute to the crowdfunding campaign, it’s this way.


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Andrea is a Freelance writer and activist for better practices in the fashion business. Experienced in the international market with a particular comprehension on the Latin American region, founder of La Petite Mort (organic streetwear).

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