How to clothe your child sustainably

I’m sure many of you are wondering, what your children have to do with sustainable fashion. The answer is quite a bit; the clothing industry continues to grow, and what is mainly available for your kids is often made with unsustainable fabrics. There are extensive issues in the clothing industry, but specifically the waste that is created from kids clothing is huge as they are constantly outgrowing their clothes. However, there are a couple ways to make your child’s clothing more sustainable and long-lasting.

Buy Second Hand

One of the easiest solutions is to buy clothing second hand. This solution makes clothing not only sustainable but also more affordable as shopping at secondhand stores is usually cheaper than buying new clothes.  Reusing these clothes also keeps them out of the landfill, giving them a longer life. It is the perfect way to get some new clothes for your child without having to buy any new fabrics. Buying second hand is easy, there are tons of second hand stores in most cities.

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Donate so others have the opportunity to live sustainably

Donating your child’s clothes once they outgrow them, makes it possible for others to use them, again extending their life, making them more sustainable. Often, as kids grow so fast, clothing which is still perfectly goodl ends up in the landfill whereas if it is donated it allows other kids to wear the clothes and helps to continue the second hand tradition.

Hand-me-downs are a great way to save money

Hand me down clothing is often done between family members or friends passing the clothes their kids have grown out of directly down to children that could wear them again. This is beneficial because its free and can be passed down directly to another family that you know.

Clothing Swaps are fun, easy ways to trade old clothes for some new ones for your child!

Similarly, clothing swaps allow clothes to be passed down so that other children can wear them. Clothing swaps can be fun events to organize with friends and family and allow a wider selection of clothing to choose from.

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Composting natural fibres

There are some fibres which are compostable, meaning that they will not remain in the landfill for long periods of time, making them the most environmentally sustainable choice for clothing. Environmental considerations are extremely important when considering buying clothes for your children. After all, your children will be the next generation on earth, so the effect that you have on it directly impacts them. Natural fibres, such as items made from pure wool or cotton will decompose, while synthetic fibres, such as polyester, will not. Buying natural fibres and composting them will limit the amount of clothes in landfills, and will have virtually no negative environmental impact. If you have to buy new fabrics, buying something sustainable, like hemp, also allows for a more sustainable lifestyle.

Upcycling is a chance to make something brand new

Upcycling is taking clothes and changing them so that they can be used again or used for longer. It can be done with kids clothes, such as adding a strip of fabric to the bottom of a skirt to make it longer so your child can wear it for longer; or it can be done with adult clothes which can be altered so that they fit the children, such as in the image below.

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Upcycling is a great way to change clothes to create something totally new and different from what you already have without having to buy any new fabrics.

Repairing your child’s clothes simply helps them last longer

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Repairing clothes which have been damaged, like when your child rips a hole in the knee of his or her pants, allows the clothes to have a much longer life. These repairs can be fun and cute and make the clothes last significantly longer; often clothes that have ripped do not need to be thrown out can can be fixed quite simply.

While it is challenging to raise your child sustainably, there are many simple ways to help ensure that their clothing has a longer life and stays out of the landfill. These solutions can be fun and very informative for your child as you can teach them all about a sustainable lifestyle and how they can make a positive impact.


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