Ethical Fashion in Canada, to shop or not to shop

Ethical fashion in Canada, there is no set how to guide on how to shop ethically in Canada or anywhere else for that matter. Sure, you can ask the questions “How were these clothes made” and you can do your research but there’s no “Ethical Guide to shopping in Canada for dummies” out on the racks yet. I say yet cause it could happen. You never know maybe I’ll write the book. But seriously, if you live in Canada, which I do you probably have reasons why you want to shop ethically in Canada for fashion and I’m going to go through why you should. From online shopping to thrift stores and vintage finds!

Ethical fashion in Canada, why? It used to be that, as consumers, we didn’t think twice about the long-term effects of our shopping habits and the community we live in. We became addicted to low-cost products made abroad and got hooked on accumulating quantity over quality. Products that used to be built to last are now built to be disposed of, making them seem “affordable” at first glance but cheap up close. When we buy Canadian, we know that the products have met this country’s health & safety standards. The manufacturing industry in Canada is highly regulated, from the factories’ environmental emissions, to the quality assurance practices, to the materials used and beyond.

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These safety measures sometimes mean an increase in the retail price, but all things considered, isn’t it a small price to pay for peace of mind? Buying products made in Canada keeps us safer! When we buy Canadian, we are reducing our carbon footprint, as products made closer to home require much less transportation. For example, did you know that a piece of clothing designed, manufactured and sold in Montreal requires 25 times less transportation than a similar product made in the far East? Buying products made in Canada makes our planet greener! When we buy Canadian, we can rest assured that the people who make the products are treated fairly, working in safe & sanitary conditions. We’ve all heard the horror stories of sweatshops in foreign countries, using children and adults as disposable labour.

Many consumers are now deciding not to support those practices and demonstrate their principles by not buying products made in the countries that have such track records. Need any more reasons why you should buy ethical fashion in Canada?


Ethical fashion in Canada, why you should shop online? So we have stores where there’s ethical Canadian fashion and there’s buying online. I know there are horror stories of buying online but with the economy these days, sometimes I think it’d be cheaper to buy it online than to go drive and use gas to go buy one ethical canadian shirt I want. So I’ve come up with some reason’s to buy ethical fashion in Canada online!

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Online shopping website on laptop screen with female hands using a smartphone

  • You can wear what you want! If you’re anything like me I come home after a long day, throw on jogging pants and a t-shirt. With online shopping you don’t have to get dressed up to go look at clothes you can do all your shopping online with the click of a button.
  • You’ll get mail you want to get! I hate getting mail because usually it’s bills, but waiting for that anticipated sweater you just ordered online, I’d be waiting for the mailman everyday just anticipating it coming.
  • You can sneakily shop at work. Employers usually frown if you head to your favorite ethical clothing store for 2 hours to do some shopping. But your boss doesn’t have to know about the 15 min. cruise around your favorite Canadian clothing online store, or do it on your break, either way I won’t tell.
  •  Insomnia doesn’t suck as much. If you can’t sleep, you can shop in your pajamas cause online stores don’t close.
  • You will never have to beg for a refund because you lost your receipt. I am horrible for loosing receipts. The worst is going back to the store to try and explain why you need to return it and why you don’t have a receipt. I’m going to go ahead and pass on staging a power struggle with the cashier. Email order confirmations for the win!
  • There are no pushy salesgirls in your home. If there is, that sounds like a personal problem.
  • Stores don’t have a search box. Rule #1 of shopping in stores: never engage with salespeople. Meanwhile, a quick and easy online search is a snap.
  • Product reviews are awesome. If you were to loudly yell out for other customers’ opinions on your purchase, security might be compelled to remove you from the store. We’d so much rather scroll through reviews to inform our shopping decisions.
  • Most websites give discounts: Stores only give discounts on clearance items or items on special days, most websites will do this all year around or you can find a code online that will give you some sort of discount making it cheaper than the store.   

So we have reasons why to buy Ethical fashion in Canada and why to shop online for your favorite ethical fashion in Canada.

With Canada day coming up, it’s another great reason to buy ethical fashion in Canada. After all, if you’re Canadian then you have a shirt that says something about Canada on it or maybe you buy a new one every year with the year on it.

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Whatever your reason for buying Canadian fashion, you can’t be wrong. If anyone else has any questions about Ethical fashion in Canada feel free to let me know. I think everyone should buy Canadian.

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