Shopping Thrifty in Waterloo, Ontario Region

Who loves shopping? I do! Who likes saving money? I do! I can do both of these while shopping at local thrift stores. While first time thrifting can be disappointing and frustrating, the next time you go you can, and will, come out with a bunch of items and you’ll be so happy. So where are the best thrift stores in Waterloo, Ontario region?

Value Village


Kitchener-Waterloo currently provides 3 different Value Village locations. Most of them are accessible by bus for those that are taking public transit. All Value Villages have certain days that will give you discounts with their ‘Supersavers’ card. They also provide discount cards that they will punch after a certain amount of purchases (of a certain amount), so that after ‘X’ amount of money is spent you get a percentage off your clothes, but, like milk, it has a expiry date. They are all about recycling, so bring in your old clothing and you’ll get a discount off your next purchase, which never expires.

120 Ottawa St.N – Kitchener. This location is one of the most well known because it is older, and is therefore, more frequented. Value village is one of my favourite stores to visit. While the store isn’t as organized as I would prefer, and because they’re so busy, it’s not very tidy as people tend to look at clothes and do not return them to their original place. I find it to be an interesting adventure looking for clothing that I would love to be wearing, and I can say that I’ve never left unfulfilled.

50 Gateway Park Dr, Kitchener. This location is one of the newest and is quite busy, not as busy as Ottawa St., but busy just the same as it is in a prime location behind Costco. I find this store to be cleaner and better organized. I am always finding great deals when I go there! If I’m looking for something specific and haven’t found it at any other the other thrift stores, I almost always find it at this location. I’m not sure if the building is bigger at this location, but I find it has more variety of items than the other locations in the area, and fully enjoy shopping here.

330 Farmer’s Market Rd, Waterloo. This location is also one of the newer stores, unfortunately I’ve only been here maybe twice as its up towards St. Jacobs, so it’s quite the road trip when I decide to go considering I am located on the other side of Kitchener. I have found some great items when I’ve visited this spot and I’ve found this location to be the cleanest and most organized. It’s great for individuals that live closer to St. Jacobs or the north side of Waterloo, it’s definitely a great place to stop for a treasure hunt!

Talize – 1144 Courtland Ave E, Kitchener:

Talize is a thrift store that unfortunately is not advertised, and unless your heading down Courtland Avenue towards Fairview Mall, you probably have never heard of it. Quality of clothes at this store is the same as going to Value Village with the same prices. Everyday different items are on for a discount and post-secondary students with valid student ID and seniors (55 or better) receive a 10% discount every day. You also can accumulate points towards your next purchase that will take off a certain percentage of your purchases after a length of time. This is Kitchener’s best kept secret. Just like any thrift store they get new items in everyday and you can find some hidden treasures every time you go.

Goodwill Community Store & Donation Centre


Location: 1348 Weber St E, Kitchener

Just like Talize this is just down the street from Fairview Mall, located on Weber Street. When I’m in the area, I almost always go to this thrift store. This is the store I always seem to have a wonderful adventure in. Unlike Value Village and Talize, you have to go hunting for those great finds. Unlike the other thrift stores their clothing sizes aren’t grouped together. They do try and keep the small’s with the small’s, and the XL with the XL, but you pretty much have to go hunting, but you can always find a great item when looking. Prices are about the same at both thrift stores except they don’t price out things one by one, instead dresses (regardless of the brand) is one price, t-shirts are one price and so on. It could be a high cost brand included with a low end brand and they are both the same price. Even better, there’s no tax! I’ve found the prices here are more ‘fair’ than most of the thrift stores around. The store isn’t as big as most of the other thrift shops, but it still has selection and like the rest, as well as offering a sale where they have 50% off items more than twice a year. I will warn you now, all thrift stores are busy on those days, so if you don’t like crowds, stay away. This store is definitely a great place to explore.

Thrift on Kent

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 22.53.43

Location: 50 Kent Ave, Kitchener

This store is fairly new in Kitchener, it was previously located in Waterloo before moving to their new location. Unless you are already aware of this location, finding it may seem difficult with the current construction status in down town Kitchener. It isn’t in a location where you might happen to stumble upon it. When they were in Waterloo I would go all the time. I love there prices and always found a good deal. When they moved to Kitchener, I couldn’t find them as they had changed their name, but once I found them again, I was very grateful, I love this store. Sometimes, items here is hit and miss and there is not as much selection of clothing as the other thrift stores, but you’re bound to find some kind of treasure. As well, unlike the other thrift stores, there are items on sale for $1 or $2 on certain days. You still need to sort through the items to find your size, but fortunately, shirts are with shirts and pants are with pants, and so on. 

Thrift shopping is a fantastic way to support sustainable fashion when you know where to go to find those great treasures. There is an abundance of variety, if you can’t find what you’re looking for at one place, there are many other locations with much to offer. You’ll save money and find something new you love! So take a chance and see what you find. For those that haven’t been to a thrift store and finally decide to go, please feel free to tell me about your experience, I would love to hear about it!

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