Fur-Free… Giorgio Armani, finally!

To Fur or Not to Fur?

Fur happens to be the most debated fashion topic. To Fur or Not To Fur? That is the question. I myself do not wear fur. Mainly because I don’t think I want to be wearing some dead animal’s fur on me. I have 2 cats and both shed a pound of hair a day but I’m not going to gather it all up and make a coat out of it. I’ve also watched movies where the girl is walking down the street and has blood thrown at her for wearing fur….that doesn’t sound fun. So when I came across an article in the huffington post Giorgio Armani I had to read it, after all he’s right up there in the fashion industry, and what I read was fascinating. 

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Armani is proud of his fur products, so will he actually go fur free?

Its finally happened, the Italian design house has vowed to go fur-free following years of appeals from animal rights activists. Armani Pledges To Go Fur-Free Following Years Of Appeals From Animal Rights Activists. But this isn’t the first time Giorgio has pledged to go fur-free. Back in 2007, the Italian designer shared his intentions to discontinue the use of fur in his intentions, but didn’t commit, sending rabbit fur down a fall/winter 2008 runway. This resulted in criticism from PETA, several anti-fur protests taking place in front of Armani stores all over the world. So what’s changed this time? After all he’s said he’d go fur free before, did he suddenly go a concious and start feeling bad for all those poor bunnies he needed for his fashions?

Armani, animal rights, fur free, fur, sustainable fashion, ethical fashion,cruelty-free

Armani’s fashion is well know around the world!

According to the huffington post Armani, 81, said in a statement “I am pleased to announce that the Armani Group has made a firm commitment to abolish the use of animal fur in its collections,” “Technological progress made over the years allows us to have valid alternatives at our disposition that render the use of cruel practices unnecessary as regards animals. “Pursuing the positive process undertaken long ago, my company is now taking a major step ahead, reflecting our attention to the critical issues of protecting and caring for the environment and animals.” Aww, so he does care about all those little animals he needed for there fur. If this is the case he joins the likes of Stella McCartney, Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein who have all expressed their concerns when it comes to fur trade, which is great for PETA and the rest of us animal lovers out there, and I guess Giorgio won’t have to worry about anymore protests going on in front of any of his stores anymore. I’m sure he will be happy about this.

The change will take effect for the Armani group’s autumn/winter 2016 collections, including its Giorgio Armani, Armani Privé, and Emporio Armani lines. Armani, who has used animal fur in his past collections, is working with the Fur Free Alliance and the Humane Society of the United States to develop this plan and find suitable alternatives to animal fur.

“Armani’s fur-free announcement makes it clear that designers and consumers can have creative freedom and luxury all without supporting animal cruelty,” said said Joh Vinding, chairman of the Fur Free Alliance, according to Vogue U.K.. “Mr. Armani has been a trendsetter in the fashion world for decades and this latest announcement is proof that compassion and innovation are the future of fashion.”

Armani, animal rights, fur free, fur, sustainable fashion, ethical fashion,cruelty-free

Too many animal’s die for fur today.

According to Cosmopolitan U.K., Mark Glover, director of Respect for Animals, also weighed in on Armani’s big decision by saying, “No ifs, no buts: real fur is cruel and unnecessary. We are delighted that such an influential company in the fashion business as Armani has become a Fur Free Retailer and they join many other compassionate retailers in the UK.”

I’m truly hoping he sticks to his word this time. It would be a shame if he went back on his word and then in a couple more years come back and say he’s gonna fur-free because just like the boy who called wolf after awhile people just won’t believe you, plus I’m sure all those animals with thank you too.


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