Choose Organic Cotton

Cotton T-shirts feel great when we wear them. It even feels great on our wallet when we get them on sale. But, how does your conscience feel when you learn that the cotton used to make that sale-bought t-shirt, was picked by a 7 year old boy, who was forced out of school to work by his government in Uzbekistan? That the neck and sleeves were sewn, 60 per minute, by a 9 year old girl who will never have an education because her family cannot afford to eat?

What is the impact that Organic Cotton has on the industry when we choose to be conscious of the products wee buy? It changes the world. It makes life better for the people who work so hard for so little, so that we can enjoy what is available at our finger tips. They help us by complying to our demand for this fast-fashion product. Let’s flip the switch and do what we can to help them gain their basic human rights, by making the clear decision to empower others, to make informed decisions and purchases, we are starting the cycle of positive regard for others.

“Making mindful goods means always looking for a better way to make them. The good people at prAna are on a journey to increase the amount of organic in our cotton products. Learn more about the benefits of going organic at

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