Fair Trade Walk… Walk the Fair Trade Way!

On Saturday June 4th, 2016 Fair Trade supporters from across South Wales will be coming together for the inaugural walk of a new extension of the South Wales Fair Trade Way. Why you ask? The South Wales Fair Trade Way is part of a UK wide initiative, supported by The Co-Operative, to build networks of Fair Trade Ways linking Fair Trade communities. This walk will link up with a network that goes across South Wales to Bristol, up through the Welsh/English borders and the Lake District into Scotland.


Phil Broadhurst, Organiser of Fair Trade Ways Wales explained: “The idea is for us to build links between Fair Trade supporters and to raise wider awareness of the importance of Fair Trade in the fight to help people around the world to work their way out of poverty.” “In the Fair Trade movement, we refer to that idea a lot,” he said. “Doing the little things really can lead to massive change. Changing the coffee and tea you and your family drink to brands with the Fairtrade mark. Playing football with your friends with a Fairtrade certified ball. Choosing a Fairtrade snack or a Fairtrade shirt. All these little actions impact directly on producers around the world who are trying to work their way towards a brighter future for themselves and their communities.”


The walkers will wind their way along a 20-mile route following footpaths and backroads from Haverfordwest to Nolton Haven, where they will follow the Coastal Path to St. David’s. Phil Broadhurst said that the decision to finish the walk at St. David’s was chosen because of the Saint’s much quoted belief in ‘doing the little things’


According to their website, this isn’t the first time they’ve done these Fair Trade walks. Since 2012 they’ve done quite a few. So why aren’t we doing this? We do walks for everything else why not Fair trade? It’s the little things we could do more of and while speaking out about it and buying fair trade fashions and anything else fair trade helps.

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