The power is in the hands of our youth!

As we get older, things change everyday!

Growing up there was no such thing as organic, now there’s organic everything, from clothes to food. I had never heard of vegans, other than the countries that didn’t eat meat because it was against their religion.  These days there are vegan options for almost everything. From vegan chocolate to vegan shoes.

Vegan, youths, environment, ethical fashion, Eco-fashion, sustainability, change the world, healthy fashion, slow fashion

Sustainability and Fair Trade, that wasn’t around 10 years ago!

Sustainability, well I don’t think I heard that word in reference to clothes ever. Fair Trade? What’s that? Growing up sweatshops were a myth, something you’d make a joke about because common children making our clothes just sounds ridiculous. But now that I’m an adult and more informed on how my clothes are made, and all the chemicals that are in my clothes and my son’s clothes, I have to wonder why wasn’t I informed before? Why didn’t my teachers or my parents teach me these things growing up? Did they not know, or did they choose to ignore it? 

Vegan, youths, environment, ethical fashion, Eco-fashion, sustainability, change the world, healthy fashion, slow fashion

Let’s! teach our kids to save the environment

Our children are our future!

I started wondering this when recently I’ve been hearing others say “our children are our future” and it’s true. We all want our children to grow up to be the best they can be. To learn from our mistakes and to make the world a better place, but are we? I can teach my son not to throw garbage on the street, and to recycle, and to try and make a difference in this world, but I think we as parents don’t really think about how our children can make a difference in the world. Just today I saw a video of a child who was 4 or 5 years old that his mom took probably on her phone, crying about how much he hates people for wrecking our world, that we throw trash on the ground, that we tear down forests to make roads, how we just don’t care about our world. My heart went out to this little guy as his sheer respect and love for our world is undeniable! But it’s true, we need to evolve. 

When our children are worried about our planet now, maybe we should too.

I started thinking about my own son after watching this video. My son is carefree. He goes to school, plays with friends, video games and is happy as can be. He’s too young to teach him about the horrors of how his clothes are really made but I know I can teach him why buying sustainable ethical clothes is important. I can do the best I can do in that department, and we as parents can all relate. So I thought what about if my son grows up and wants to be a fashion designer? What happens if your daughter wants to grow up and be a fashion designer? And that’s where it comes down to power is in the hands of our youth. Our youths are going to grow up and they can make our world a better place to live in, after all we have made a bit of change, or they can keep us going in a closed loop that we seemed to have put ourselves in. The youth’s that do grow up and become fashion designers should realize that sustainability should start at the sketch pad and flow through the entire process of making a product, delivering a product, and even play a role in the after life of a product.  Fast fashion has been around forever. I don’t believe our children should have to wait over 20 years like myself to find out how our clothes are made or what’s really going on in third-world countries.

Vegan, youths, environment, ethical fashion, Eco-fashion, sustainability, change the world, healthy fashion, slow fashion

Our kids make a difference!

Innovation is born with our children!

For anything to really be done about it we need to educate our youths, educate the students and young designers, after all they are the innovators of tomorrow. Accessible education programs and materials that challenge and push the boundary between fact and fantasy are of utmost importance. This is where innovation is born! 

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