Crocs: Eco friendly but a Health Hazard?

In my opinion I think Croc’s are pig ugly. I think on kids they can be adorable and practical to wear but I would never be caught dead in them. I realize that the they may not be so “in” anymore but we still see them for sale in plenty of stores.

Because of the material they are made of, they are considered as vegan and cruelty free but what people don’t realize about Croc’s is that they can be a health hazard.


Years ago I remember they were beyond popular. Everyone was wearing them. Their soaring popularity had been fuelled by their appearance on the feet of the likes of George Bush, Jack Nicholson and Kate Middleton. My whole family seemed to be wearing them including my parents and I was the odd ball out on not wearing one. I remember going through the mall and seeing them in every store. I went away camping for a week in Grand Bend and every store had them. I swear they were everywhere and everyone was wearing them.

I remember everyone telling me how comfortable they were. According to Crocs Inc’s own advertising copy, their shoes are “soft, lightweight, superior-gripping, non-marking and odor-resistant”.  Oh and you can wash them. Crocs are “compassionate” and “Earth-friendly”, by which they mean that vegetarians, vegans, leather-loathers and Peta-heads can wear them with a clear conscience. Peta (those antsy People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) ranks Crocs in its Shopping Guide to Compassionate Clothing and says they’re “vegan shoes”. So you can understand why they are still so popular today. 

So you’re probably wondering why I said they can be a health hazard. Years ago I was out with my friend and her kids. It was summer and so of course her kids were wearing crocs.  We were taking a trip to the mall which ended in going to the hospital, all because of their beloved crocs. After a long day of shopping, the kids started complaining about being hungry and thirsty and they just want to go home (typical teenagers) so we had promised this was the last store and we’d take them out for lunch. The Bay at this location had escalators so we had to take it to go downstairs. On our way down my friends son got his croc stuck while stepping off the escalator. Somehow the escalator had sucked in the top of his croc and wouldn’t let go and his foot was stuck in there with it. Both my friend and I were freaking out trying to get the escalator to stop,  and NO the emergency button wouldn’t stop it. Finally a man came and grabbed his shoe and lodged it in the escalator to get it to stop. I won’t go into the gory details but that day my friends son lost a toe and a half and it was all to do with his crocs. 


At first I thought it was the escalator that might be faulty and somehow sucked in the shoe since the escalator wouldn’t stop. I went online that evening and researched accidents having to do with crocs and escalators. I was incredibly surprised that this wasn’t an unheard of occurrence and that people have lost limbs because of crocs.


The articles I did see made me grateful that he only lost a toe and a half. I saw articles where kids and adults had lost all their toes, toe nails ripped off, deep gashes on the top of there feet, and the sad part alot of them were children as young as 2 years old, all while wearing crocs on an escalator. The articles I had seen said that it started as a rare occurrence to something more alarming. Of course Crocs says its shoes are “completely safe” and has suggested the accidents are instead due to badly-maintained escalators or people not behaving safely on them. 

Some accidents reportedly occurred because the shoes got caught in the “teeth” at the bottom or top of the escalator, or in the crack between the steps and the side of the escalator. But thats only some. So is it the Crocs fault or the elevator? It makes me curious when you put in “Crocs” and “escalators” and you come up with story after story about accidents happening but not many about any other shoes and the same thing happens.


So while these shoes may be  “compassionate” and “Earth-friendly” I won’t ever let my son wear them. If this never happened I don’t think I’d have ever researched them and found what I did. I’d probably have my son wearing a pair now because of how comfortable and easy to clean they can be. I would advise to be mindful when on an escalator and wearing crocs. 


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6 thoughts on “Crocs: Eco friendly but a Health Hazard?

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  2. Those things that you are saying never happened to me. This article is just your opinion. There are much more selection of Crocs that are heavy duty on the front side of the shoe. There are different types: Clogs, Shoes, Boots, etc… Your article is only about one type of clogs shoes but there are some many types, yours are just the most basic one. First just go and take a look on the website:

    Any shoes that are like sandals or clogs type are prompt to that if the one you picked is very soft in the front. First of all, any type of accident can occur selecting the wrong shoes regardless the brand. Have a good day.

  3. What a funny editorial. You seem to hold many resentments against the ethical treatment of animals in your article. I found it funny how you had to try and minimize and resort to broad stereotypes “antsy people,” lol. I will have no problem commenting with abbreviations given your writing style, lmao. I hope your not trying to write your article while riding an escalator in crocs. Using stairs would be much more eco-friendly as well, however might pay off to just watch your step and your children while riding escalators, lol. Thank you for the laugh.

  4. Thanks for raising two important issues, the hypocracy of single-issue vegans happy for any amount of pollution provided the final product is animal free, and a safety issue which probably IS unique to crocs – other soft materials don’t mold in the same way.

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