Why we all fall for fast fashion

We have all fallen for fast fashion. Even knowing how my clothes are made with fast fashion, I still look at the clothes online that I know are fast fashion and I still think “OMG I love that”.


I don’t buy it mind you, but I still have that thought. I used to be that girl that needed all the brand named clothes, couldn’t care less how it was made, as long as it was in style. Now that I’m older, I don’t really care what brand I’m wearing as I buy everything second hand. All I care about is it’s comfort and how it makes me feel. Lately though on social media I keep seeing these advertisements for these clothes that are absolutely adorable. The worst is with summer here, I keep seeing bathing suits that I would love to have but won’t be buying.

I admit, I’ve seen the advertisements and even look at their websites. I looked at one because it was a bathing suit and it said “Regardless of your size you’ll look good in it” and guess what they had pictures of different body types and each woman looked good in it. Amazing right? At first I thought so too. When shopping online I always look at the reviews, ALWAYS!!! Why? It’s a good way to find out if you’re going to get the product you’re looking at.


On Facebook, I’ve seen a lot of ads for fast fashion clothes from china that pull people in with their trendy clothes that are priced lower than anywhere else. Sounds great doesn’t it? There’s one catch, if you look at the reviews, they are just horrible. Most of the reviews I have read are complaints about the sizing being way too off, the material being cheap and the colors being completely different from the product and model images.

Product images being advertised by brands these days are very convincing. And they are everywhere from facebook ads to tv commercials. We are constantly shown fast fashion advertising that make the average shopper, who has no time to think about where these clothes are made easily click that buy button online. It’s convenient and cheap which has made it widely successful.

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