Introducing the Ethical Clothing Canada Database Project

Hi! My name is Dave, and I am the creator and current manager of the Ethical Clothing Canada Database Project. Our database is an excel spreadsheet that tries to gather as much data as possible on the ethical practices of clothing companies into one resource. We cover special materials like recycled plastic, organic plant and ethically raised animal products. We also keep track of locally manufactured clothes, as well as clothes produced in NGO certified factories overseas. Seem like a lot of stuff to look up? It is (trust me), so why not check out my site where I’ve summarized all of this into a few easy to read pages?

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 So why am I doing this? Like many of you, I’ve always had a feeling that I could be finding better people to give my money to. The idea that I could be making savings (aka profit) off of sweatshop labor always bothered me, but I really acted on that feeling (aside from a boycott from a certain infamous retailer). Anyways, half a year ago I thought I might need a new t-shirt or two, so I thought I should put my money where my mouth was and buy from an ethical brand. Except… I didn’t know any, so I had to go to Google. A few searches later and I started to notice one Brand, Patagonia, popping up over and over again. I looked up their website to see why and I have to say, I was impressed. A lot of Ethical NGO’s (Non-Government Organizations) gave them their endorsements and they had a lot of their own side projects they were funding. Those projects were interesting but the NGO’s intrigued me more, so I looked one up, found all the brands they had endorsed and copied them into a spreadsheet. That is roughly when my Excel addiction (common affliction amongst lab techs like myself) kicked in. I looked another NGO up and copied them down too, indicating with x’s which brand belonged to which NGO. With that step, the first version of the database was born. I thought it was good data so I sorted it, put in hyperlinks and drew borders in to get it cleaned up. I originally just shared it on Facebook with my friends and family, but with a little encouragement I started up my website and public Facebook group. That brings us to where we are today.

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This project is unique in that I don’t actually make many recommendations (although I encourage other members of our Facebook group to), I merely provide you with a resource. If you’re the kind of person that likes to consider as much info as possible before making an informed decision, I think you’ll find this spreadsheet helpful. I’d also love to hear any recommendations you might have, the spreadsheet is always in need of updating!

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About the Author

Hi! My name is Dave, im currently in my mid 20’s and residing in Ottawa, Ontario (Canada), where I work a lab technologist (hence my passion when it come to making spreadsheets). I feel I should be honest with you, I’m no hero when it comes to living simply or sustainably, and i would be a hypocrite to pretend otherwise. Nonetheless! I do still aspire to do some good in this world so I figured I would start with my clothes, which I figured would be an easy start. I won’t claim that this spreadsheet will always be 100% accurate or up to date, but I’m going to do my best!

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