Anxiety and Fashion

When I think of fashion, I think of going to the mall and seeing all the ads, telling me to go buy that tank top because it will make me beautiful. I also think of first dates, where I use to head to the mall looking for that perfect outfit. Along with thinking about fashion, I think of all the anxiety that went with trying to find that perfect outfit for that guy who couldn’t care less that I had spent 2 hours trying to find it and in the end, I believed I still wasn’t good enough. When I think of it now, I laugh at how stupid I was to get myself worked up about what I was wearing. Thank god there was no second date, I would have been doing it to myself all over again.

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Fashion = Anxiety

Think about it, you have a job interview coming up and you’re in your room getting ready for a job that would just be perfect for you. You’re room is a disaster because you’ve just thrown 75% of your clothes all over and still have nothing to wear because you’ve found something wrong with every single outfit you have tried to put together. At this point you’re freaking out because you have to look perfect. But these clothes you would normally wear, that would be okay any other time, isn’t good enough. You have no time to go to the mall and buy a whole new outfit, so you pick something and even after putting it on you still don’t like it. So you head to your interview and instead of feeling prepared and ready, you start to feel uncomfortable and fear that you might not even look the part and start to over think every single thing. That’s anxiety.

We get it trying to find clothes for a first date, we get it while searching for the perfect outfit to go to a club or pub on a girl’s night out, we get it as soon as were about to get dressed to go out in the morning regardless if it’s to work, or to meet a friend for coffee. Our clothing gives us anxiety on a daily basis. 

anxiety, body image, fashion, Fashion anxiety, social anxiety, low self esteem, uncomfortable fashion, Daily anxiety

Every season it seems there’s some new fashion out, fashion that unless your wearing it, you’re not cool. Fashion permits us to fantasize, feel sexy, and experiment with new identities. It flaunts glamour and success, appearance becomes something to be perfected and admired. Fashion elicit’s fear and anxiety in even the most normal person that wouldn’t normally have anxiety in even the most stressful situation. New trends and fashionable clothes make us feel uncomfortable with the clothes we already have, regardless that those clothes are perfectly fine, but the fashion industry makes us believe those old clothes are no longer fashionable to wear and we should go buy new right away which causes us anxiety. Fashion is considered both as “anxiety driven and anxiety reducer”

Take a teenage girl in high school. They want to fit in, they want others to like them. This is the time girls start to be interested in guys. I was once a teenager and fitting with the popular girls was my goal. To fit in with those girls you needed to be wearing ‘in fashion’ clothes. You had to be ‘in style’ and perfect. You’re judged by what you’re wearing and what you have. Teenage girls have more anxiety over choosing clothes when going to parties, to school and get together with friends, than they do any other time.

anxiety, body image, fashion, Fashion anxiety, social anxiety, low self esteem, uncomfortable fashion, Daily anxiety

For women, some get anxiety after being home from having a child, and trying to find an outfit that not only fits but is suitable women will turn to others regarding latest styles, including the mall advertisements and fashion magazines. Some women when under pressure, or are having a stressful day tend to go shopping as it makes them feel better. I used to be one of those people. If I was having a bad day, I’d go shopping for a new top or new shoes to brighten up my day. I no longer do that now, but that was one of my stress relievers for a short period of time. I honestly thought that buying new clothes and shoes would take away my stress when it can add to it. 

Women are constantly wanting to change things about ourselves, we’re never satisfied with what we have. It starts as teenagers and just keeps going until we get old, and that’s because media wants us to believe that without having that new fashionable shirt that came out this week, people won’t like you. In our society first impressions are everything. We judge people based on what they’re wearing, what they look like and how their hair is. When we see someone walking down the street with grubby clothes, we automatically judge them. Those that dress classy or in high fashion clothes may not talk to other’s that don’t dress like them, it’s high school all over again. I admit I’m one of those people that wants to change a couple things about myself. I’ve judged people and have crossed the street to avoid them regardless of the fact that they could be the nicest person on earth. I try not to now, but it still happens subconsciously. Even to this day, I get anxiety over my clothes for a job interview, or meeting new people for the first time because I’m afraid people may judge me on my clothes. I look at Victoria Secret model’s and wish I had their perfect bodies and perfect hair, after all media has us believe that’s what women should look like. We as women should realize not everyone is the same, we are individual’s with our own beliefs and thoughts. 

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