Open letter to HBC; ‘Why is the Olympic Fan Collection made in China?’

Elizabeth Rodbell

President, HBC Department Store Group

Gerald Storch
Chief Executive Officer

Hudson’s Bay Company
401 Bay Street
Suite 500
Toronto ON,

M5H 2Y4

To Whom It May Concern,

We at Trusted Clothes would like to thank you for your wonderful contributions to the advancement of Canadian athletes.

Your donation of over $20 million to amateur sports will provide opportunities for Canadians to achieve their dreams and compete across local, national and international platforms.

Trusted Clothes is an organization with the mandate to raise national and global awareness of ethical, healthy and sustainablepractices in the garment industry. We also provide a platform that links organizations, brands and people who are interested in issues that affect this sector of the economy.

We, at Trusted Clothes along with the members of our growing community would like to know why the 2016 Olympic collection is made in China. We are also curious about why mittens are being sold in spring leading to summer but we’ll leave that to your fashion and style expertise.

Could you inform us on the reasons behind the decision to make this collection in China because we know that the Canadian athletes representing us at the Rio games have their gear designed and made in Canada. Why is it that the Hudson’s Bay Olympic fan Collection made available to the general public is not made here in Canada. How can items supposed to represent Canadian support and pride be made elsewhere?


The Trusted Clothes Team.

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