Shopping ethically on a student budget with young children

I am a young mom of a three year old daughter currently going through an unpaid internship finishing my college year, and as a bonus I am currently expecting another little one this year. With my luck I threw out all of my baby furniture a month before we found out about our new little coming arrival, which I might add now, is going to be a boy this time around!

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Kids Clothing Swap

What are the chances right?!

So not only am I shopping for the baby furniture that I so stupidly threw out, but all of the clothing I did save from my daughter is of no use to our little new addition!

So my big question here is…. How do I shop ethically while maintaining  financial stability on my student OSAP??

Well, to answer that question! Let’s just say a lot of thrift shopping, clothing swaps, saving old baby clothes for the new one to come! Anything I can do to make sure my family is not putting any more strain on the fashion industry to produce more and more unethical clothing while trying to maintain my financial stability!

I am guessing I am not the only young mom out their who is struggling financially trying to keep my always growing little girl in clothing that fits while shopping ethically!!  Am I right?! So by buying second hand clothing we are making sure that clothing gets the most out of its use and is staying away from our already pilling up landfills and also are not contributing to the fast fashion industry. Being involved in clothing swaps is a great way to get rid of old clothes and to find a variety of ‘newer’ clothing that will fit your families ‘clothing needs’ for the season and also helping other families in similar situations get clothing that fits their families clothing needs. All of which are going to be extremely handy when the baby comes, because we all know how much babies love to soil basically everything on or close to them! so buying second hand items not only saves a lot financially but is also considered ethical shopping, which is an amazing bonus!!

clothing swap, kids clothes, thirft shopping, shopping organically, eco friendly society, eco friendly shopping, ethical shopping

Clothing Swap

The big struggle I am facing now is, baby furniture…..

Getting a crib, bassinet, stroller, change table, etc….. so how do I go about doing that while shopping ethically and without blowing my budget out of the water?! Going to online classified ads, Facebook, newspaper ads and possibly even community swaps that we might be lucky enough to find decent baby furniture that we can swap with girl’s toddler furniture, toys and clothing we have outgrown and wont need in the future!

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