Sustainable designers in Canada

Just in time for Canada Day, we bring you our favorite sustainable eco designers and labels from Canada!

Canada has seen tremendous growth in the number of eco fashion designers over the past few years. The following designers represent both those who have been leading the movement in Canada!


Nicole Bridger


Born and raised in Vancouver, Nicole received her BAA in Fashion Design from Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario. During an internship in London with Vivienne Westwood, Nicole learned the art of sculpting, draping and layering fabric. It was here that she began to realize that her talent for fashion design could also be used as a vehicle for positive social change.


Nicole is the embodiment of NBD. A mother and social entrepreneur, Nicole strives to make positive contributions to her community and environment through the products she creates and the people she connects with. She is fuelled by a desire to create clothes that make all women feel beautiful and unique.


Melanie Ferrara


Vespertine was launched in 2013 by designer melanie ferrara. The new label fills a growing gap in ladies fashion, providing women in their prime with figure-flattering designs in structured fabrics that give them a polished, pulled-together look.


Ferrara’s philosophy is that good design is created mindfully within the context of the bigger picture: how our actions as women and as consumers impact our lives, the lives of others and the planet. in 2012, she was named as one of canada’s top 15 eco designers in ecoholic body, the new book by author and blogger adria vasil.

Erin Templeton


Erin Templeton was born and raised in the mountains outside of Vancouver, Canada. She began making leather accessories in 1999, while studying shoemaking at Cordwainer’s College in London, England. She continued to study leatherwork in Australia, and once home in Vancouver, she began concentrating on handbags.


A vintage buyer by trade, Erin always found the masses of unloved leather inspiring, as each piece is a reminder of who it once was. All designs are lovingly handmade in-house in recycled leather or a selection of exclusive and locally tanned elks and bison. Truly the biggest part of the story is recognizing and uniting the elements.



Sonja den Elzen, is a contemporary designer for men and women… strong, sensual and independent. Her brand called Thieves is a mix of fine tailoring, easy draping, asymmetry and the texturing of fabric, each piece is made to complement the human form. With the Thieves collection, den Elzen focuses on using beautiful natural fabrics, such as organic wool, organic cotton, peace silk, bamboo, tencel, vegetable tanned and recycled leather, hemp, and recycled fibers.


Melissa Ferreira 


Melissa Ferreira is the Vancouver designer behind Adhesif Clothing Co.  Originally born in Montreal, Melissa was influenced by her mother who worked in garment production for large scale clothing distributors in that city.

Working as a vintage clothing buyer for many years, inspired Melissa to create garments with older textiles because of the amazing quality and special characteristics a lot of these textiles own. There is a double advantage in using discarded textiles; not only do they reduce waste, but they add distinctive personality to all of her eye-catching creations.


Every handmade piece is handmade with up to 95% sustainable materials Locally produced in Vancouver, BC at their combined retail+studio location.


Mariouche Gagné


Mariouche Gagné was born in the First Nations village of Loretteville. Years later, her hometown became the manufacturing hub for a part of the Harricana collection, including moccasins, mittens and knits.


Since 1994, Mariouche has recycled over 50,000 coats and turned them into new branded creations, adding up to nearly 400 metric tons of refurbished fur. It’s estimated that close to half a million animals’ lives were saved. 2010

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