How to shop ethically in Halifax, NS

Halifax is the kind of town that people flock to for the quality of life it has to offer. Sea breezes off the harbor keep the air clean, and parks and trees nestle between heritage buildings, cosmopolitan eateries and arty shops. We found great vintage stores that you should definitely visit!


Black Market Boutique


Traveling to Southeast Asia and South America every year, hand picking our goods from local artisans, designers and producers, (for the most part) make this little store something special. Whether you’re looking for some sweet smelling natural incense, stunning home decor, cool clothing or a hot new pair of earrings for you, your grandma or your cousin who has their ears stretched to an impossible size…we’ve got it!!! (And more!)


Visit them at 1545 Grafton St., Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 2B9


P’Lovers Environmental Store


P’LOVERS means ‘Planet Lovers’ and was originally derived from ‘Piping Plovers’…small Nova Scotia shore birds which were declared an endangered species in 1985.

Not only do they  offer bags, purses, and wallets made from natural fibers such as organic cotton, hemp, straw, cork, wool and sea grass, P’LOVERS has a wide variety of everyday accessories made from scraps of reused material such as sails, seat belts and sweaters.


Visit the at 1443 South Park St., Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 2L1


Elsie’s Used Clothing


Elsie’s is a lovely vintage shop filled with treasures and great finds. The space is warm and inviting, with pieces draped from shelf corners and racks adorned with colorful pieces. There are always new items being steamed by Elsie, preparing them for a new home.

The clothing is consignment and varies from top designer labels to everyday mall stuff. All of the pieces are selected with care and contribute to an overarching desire to create a place that is both sweet to visit and fun to shop in.


Visit them at  1530 Queen Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 2H8


Vagabond Vintage Clothing


Vagabond Vintage is the product of a love for the hunting, gathering and collecting of vintage clothing. “V.V.” travels Halifax and the surrounding areas bringing unique finds to an event near you. There are always new Hand picked finds, as well as Hand made accessories for each sale.


Visit them at 2180 Gottingen, Halifax, Nova Scotia


Lost and Found Art Vintage


Halifax’s vintage wonderland. Home to handpicked and handmade goods to satisfy your urges from head to toe. Treat your ears to fresh and found records from the our vault and from DIVORCE distro. Come face to wall with artwork from local talents.


Visit them at 2383 Agricola St., Halifax, Nova Scotia B3K 1T6


Biscuit General Store


Biscuit General Store is an independent and locally owned boutique department store in downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia. Biscuit has a quirky and cutting-edge selection of Men’s and Women’s clothing, hundreds of your favourite brands to choose from and we support many independent Canadian designer lines as well as vintage pieces.

Visit them at 1661 Argyle Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 2B5


Plan B


Plan B is a non-profit social enterprise co-op providing low cost retail space and training for local small and micro businesses to sell their products.

Visit them at 2180 Gottingen Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3K 3B2


Make New Curated Thrift Shop


Carefully selected womenswear, pre-owned, quality minimalist design, unique vintage finds, and emerging jewellery, clothing, accessory and homeware designers. Since 2010.


Visit them at 2468 Agricola Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3K 4C2


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