Sustainable Designers in the USA

You probably know about Eileen Fisher’s commitment to totally green fashion, and Matt and Nat’s vegan and environmentally friendly accessories. But as the eco-friendly fashion market continues to grow, new designers are taking the industry by storm. In honour of Independence Day, we rounded up eco and sustainable designers that refuse to sacrifice trendy style for sustainability.


Tara St James

Sustainable Designers in USA

After 10 years designing mens and womenswear in both Canada and the US, Tara launched the New York based label Study NY. Conceptual design & sustainability define this women’s RTW brand. Study cuts & sews collections in NYC’s garment district using both ethical fabrics and production methods. Many elements from the collections collaborate with artisans around the world; for example, locally sourced Peruvian alpaca is used in much of the knitwear.

Sustainable Designers in USA

They use organic cotton, linen, hand-dyed fabrics and recycled materials. Strives for no-waste pattern-making and production, and makes everything locally in New York. St James is also involved in several mentorship programs for eco-minded emerging designers, and is Fashion Director for The Uniform Project, a fundraising platform using sustainable design to raise money for underprivileged children.

Sustainable Designers in USA


Suzanne Rae

Sustainable Designers in USA

Suzanne Rae garments are produced in New York City’s Garment District. By supporting this District, they are helping to keep jobs in America while producing high quality garments. With local production Suzanne Rae are able to uphold our code of conduct, including proper wages, working hours, and work environment. Producing locally also reduces energy consumption, by way of decreased transportation and resources, thereby decreasing our carbon footprint.

Sustainable Designers in USA

Suzanne Rae is involved with several women’s groups around New York City. They have worked with Girls Inc., a leading advocacy organization focused on providing mentorship, education and a voice for young women around the country; and, WIN a transformative homeless shelter for women and their children that provides a holistic solution of safe housing, critical services and ground-breaking programs to help women regain their independence and succeed on their own.

Sustainable Designers in USA

Carol Young 

Sustainable Designers in USA

A former architecture student & native Angeleno, Carol Young became intrigued with the needs of urban nomads while living abroad in Asia, studying design in NYC and traveling far & wide. Taking subways, walking and cycling about town, she found herself seeking clothing that would allow her to move, keep dry and comfortable, but also express her individuality.

Sustainable Designers in USA

Undesigned by Carol Young is a series of beautiful, seasonless clothing designed for the modern woman. Using a combination of durable performance fabrics, sustainable organic & recycled blends and designer surplus fabrics for flavor, our goal is to create well-loved pieces that will live a long and cherished lifetime in your wardrobe. Each piece explores creating texture and shape in clean, modern and flattering silhouettes.


Handcrafted, distinct and individually made with TLC for all, Undesigned by Carol Young is worn by distinguished curators, architects, designers, filmmakers, and creative individuals worldwide. All our clothing is lovingly made in Los Angeles, California. Wear often & enjoy!


Juliane Camposano


Juliane was born and raised on North Sea shore of Germany where the weather is predominantly cold and wet. The locally available knitwear was made of lambswool or synthetics which were uncomfortable on her sensitive skin. As a result, Juliane began making clothing that suited her needs, sewing and knitting her own designs.


Today, Juliane combines her intense love of nature and adventure sports (be it longboarding off Montauk or ski-mountaineering on snow-covered mountain peaks in Montana and Wyoming) with her commitment as a mother of two young boys. She instills the ecologically conscious mentality that she was brought up with into raising her sons and cultivating her business.

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Emily J. Snyder is an artist living and working in Los Angeles.


Emily graduated from The School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston/Tufts University in 2007 with a BFA in drawing, painting and jewelry design. She found her first career calling, as a calligrapher, in New York City while managing the stationery and design house Mr. Boddington’s Studio. Her current portfolio includes fine art, illustrations, calligraphy and custom jewelry.



Blair Lauren Brown

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Blair Lauren Brown is sustainably handcrafted American & artisan jewelry. The line is a labor of love and a soul craft. Each and every piece is designed and produced by Blair Lauren Brown. Born into a 112 year legacy of handcrafted fine jewelry, Blair is working in the same tradition as her family before her. Hand finishing every piece, designing with raw uncut diamonds & pure 24k gold nuggets allows a unique story to be told with every piece. All of the pieces are handmade in the USA & locally produced in Brooklyn, New York.


With a deep appreciation for nature, and a commitment to sustainability, preservation is paramount. The refined gold and sterling silver used are certified recycled precious metals, and all the stones are responsibly sourced and conflict free. As Blair has said, “I have designed this line out of a pure love for the outdoors and an absolute respect for the rough and wild place where I was born. It’s in my blood. Alaska is the untamed place where nature continues on, and what stays the same is the coming and going of seasons in a completely rugged landscape.”



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