The Awesomeness of the Artistic Fingers

As humans we are instinctively drawn towards the beauty, we reach out to feel it or smell it or eat it.

How often do we ever think of the hands behind the creation, if it is a garment, we think of the designer, the brand or the store we bought them from but what about the person who spent hours creating it?

1Today, I want to highlight the art of hand block printing, in today’s age of mass production where everything thing is machine made, even hand block is being replaced by screen printing, this beautiful art of hand block printing is ebbing away. The beauty lies in the small imperfection of this hand technique which has been passed down through generations, the entire process from start to finish is painstakingly labor intensive, it’s beauty has been perfected over some thousand years. It is an eco-friendly craft which does not use electricity and saves tons of harmful carbon emissions. It is also very sustainable, made with natural fibers and vegetable dyes. 

artisan block printing artistic fingers trusted clothes

We should support the brands which are trying their level best to revive and sustain this dying art form, as poverty and uncertainty of the jobs is forcing these immensely talented artisans to quit and venture out.

artisan block printing artistic fingers trusted clothes

4 Hand block Jennifer scarf artisan block printing artistic fingers trusted clothes

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Seema Khalil is the designer and owner of conscious brand, Chic Dock. Chic Dock is committed to reviving, empowering, helping the poor artisans and helping our planet.

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