One Memoir – offering a handmade and upcycled collection of truly unique fashion!

The fashion industry is in a state of flux.

The Fashion Industry we know today has nothing really to do with personal style and it is hard to find a truly unique piece which can express one’s own individual style and attitude. We all have been wandering along our high streets seeing stores stacked with clothes where one Label seems to imitate the other and it all just becomes one big pile of look alike clothes.   

You may opt to combining outfits and shopping frequently to always have the newest trends in your wardrobe. But how often do you find yourself looking into your wardrobe seeing traces of washed out clothing or clothes that have lost their shape owing to wear and tear. Fashion has now become a vicious cycle of hunting the next trend, which ultimately leads to your wardrobe increasing but lacking unique pieces or a reflection of your own personal style. 

Beyond the personal loss of aesthetic, this cycle produces an insane amount of waste.

In the UK alone 140 million worth (350,000tonnes) of used clothing goes to landfills in the UK every year (ZeroScotland, 2016). The waste also crosses geographic borders with the insurgence of rag wholesalers who dump the unwanted clothing in developing countries at a nominal rate.The cheap quality of fast fashion and constant change of fashion designs burdens not only the UK but its developing country counterparts who suffer from ineffective waste disposal system. It goes against the ideas of a sustainable circular economy but one that thrives on textile waste with no real solution of how to curb the appetites of fast fashion consumers. 

So how can you find a truly unique fashion that brings an end to this vicious cycle of fast fashion?

Two graduates from the University of Edinburgh Business School, Justus Delp and Shelly-Ann Gajadhar have provided an answer; upcycled fashion. In December 2015, they launched their upcycled fashion brand One Memoir based in Edinburgh Scotland and have begun to provide exclusive women’s jackets where each piece only exists once in the entire fashion universe. Yes, every piece is unique and it gets better.

 Hailing from opposite parts of the world, Justus from Germany and Shelly-Ann from Trinidad and Tobago, they decided to not only create a fashion brand that is unique but also sustainable. To do this, they opted to centre their brand One Memoir on the concept of upcycled fashion with the vision to turn the fashion industry on its head. 

One Memoir only sources pre-loved clothes that are not trendy anymore but are far from having reached their end of life cycle. These jackets are then given a second life by emerging designers and revived through design opportunity and creativity. In their first collection entitled ‘Revybe’ they relied on the underestimated and exotic talent of four designers in the Caribbean Island of Trinidad and Tobago. Uk fashion blended with Caribbean creativity to create something unique and one of a kind. So, what do these upcycled jackets look like?

Here is a sneak peek of their exclusive upcoming collection called ‘Revybe’ which will be revealed in Edinburgh, Scotland on the 13th of August.

One Memoir X Delia Alleyne Photography courtesy : Duane Hamilton @duanelovethislife


One Memoir X Nwannia Photography courtesy : Duane Hamilton @duanelovethislife

 It is stunning to see two students making waste into something truly unique and thereby fight the vicious cycle that fast fashion perpetuates. By allowing only the most creative upcoming designers to upcycle with a truly unique fashion taste, One Memoir is allowing you to express your personality and be a responsible shopper. Finally putting the soul back into fashion!

 Be sure to check out their website for exclusive insights behind the scenes giving you an peek into the creative talent and process behind the marvellous pieces and to subscribe to their mailing list to not miss out on their first collection of unique jackets. 

We will be keeping an eye on this brand and their upcoming collection release in Edinburgh, Scotland on 13 August 2016. 

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Justus Delp and Shelly-Ann Gajadhar are two friends from opposite parts of the world, who founded One Memoir during their common time as students in Edinburgh, Scotland. Both have the vision to turn the fashion industry on its head - meaning to provide unique one of a kind fashion, based on upcycling and sustainable business principles. In pursuit of this vision they created, One Memoir, a recent startup which is upcycling pre-loved clothes  in collaboration with emerging designers. Every jacket has a story - a memoir which the company seeks to share with women that aspires to be trendy, ethical and individualistic.

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