Normalizing Sexual Innuendo In Children’s Fashion

Children grow up too fast as it is, so why are clothing retailers pushing sexual innuendo on children’s clothing?

Sexual Innuendo In Children's Fashion

I rarely go to the mall anymore, I can’t stand the set up, the noise, the people, the blatant cultural appropriation by retailers, the overwhelming consumerism, but worse is some of the clothing I find when shopping for my young daughter. Finding clothing that fits her properly is challenging enough, but on top of that I have to find something that doesn’t make me vomit in my mouth when I read the slogans on it. I might be alone here but, I don’t think my daughter needs a pair of shorts with suggestive sayings on the back end. She doesn’t need a t-shirt suggesting she’s a “trouble maker”.

Sexual Innuendo In Children's Fashion

Sexualize my little one! I don’t think so. I don’t want my little one to think that her worth is tied to sexuality! Even more I don’t want this drilled in and reinforced upon her even before she understands the significance in these sayings. I don’t think it’s a joke or cute to put her in something with sexual innuendo. Clothing like this reinforces gendered stereotypes and the belief that women have little purpose other than reproduction and Western beauty standards. I have respect for her. How can she respect herself if her parents think it’s funny to put demeaning and disgusting clothing on her? How can she respect other women if her view is that girls and women are objects of desire and that her only purpose is to look pretty and be sexually available? I really don’t think it matters if your child can read what is on their shirt or not, others can, and if it isn’t something you would put on them when they can read, you probably shouldn’t be putting it on them at all.

Spencer’s Clothing

Spencer's Normalizing Sexual Innuendo In Children's Fashion

Some of the most disgusting clothing I have seen is at Spencer’s, Eww!

Totally gross and not funny. In a lot of their baby clothes there’s a pedophilic vibe to much of the clothing. First off, can I ask why someone would be concerned about the size of their baby boy’s genitals? That’s icky. Really icky. Though we know about the age of consent, it still seems to be OK in mainstream thought that it is fine for a older woman to RAPE (not engage in sexual activity, it is rape if they are not old enough to consent regardless of gender) a young boy. “My babysitter is hot” reads one onesie. A child usually isn’t interested in what their babysitter looks like but rather the care that they are receiving from a caregiver. This is really disgusting as it is promoting a sexual relationship between a child and a caregiver. “I’m with the MILF” reads a bib. Something about this seems to promote incestuous relationship with a caregiver. I really don’t know how people can see this as cute or funny. It’s disgusting. Why not just join the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA), if you are putting clothes like this on your child. Spencer’s needs to stop selling this crap. It is harmful to our next generation. For males it promotes gross sexual behavior and reinforces negative body image about male genitalia.

Why are these being sold? These items would not be sold if people weren’t buying them. People, please stop buying clothes like this for your children. If there’s no consumer demand, these items will disappear from shelves. We have seen some improvement with girls clothing starting to not reinforce negative beliefs about young girls because of awareness that was raised surrounding the issue. We need to continue discussion around these issues. If people think its normal the view on sexualizing children’s clothing will not change. On your next trip to the mall, stop and take note of how many pieces of clothes you see that promote the sexualization of children. You can even engage in conversion with the retailers about their thoughts on the clothing and why they are promoting disgusting quotes on children’s clothing.

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