Losing the Scent of Self

One of our Vital Senses is the ‘sense of smell.’

This primal evolutional instinctive survival tool, ensures our connection to more than you may be consciously aware…
The sensory centre within the respiratory system is responsible for our opinion on the aromas we admire, desire or dismiss!
Knowingly, aroma is strongly linked to our attraction. What we may feel is visually appealing to us at first sight, can indeed be confirmed or backed by the ‘re-grounding sensory’ system adjectively referred to as ‘smell’
When personal scent is overpowered by artificial fragrances, misinterpreted emotional messages are sent and received, rather than the pure messages transmitted via raw body odour!

When our senses are ‘aromatically deceived’ by perfumed chemicals, the misconception of the ‘true scent of self’ is masked! The natural primal workings of seeking, hunting, mating & partnering can be misinterpreted, by this chemical camouflage!

Loosing the Scent of Self chemicals in perfume

Sense of smell is crucial when choosing a mate. Natural personal body odour, from a healthy clean individual, determines what possible matches may be of interest to you. When you’re overdosed in chemical synthetic perfumes, the true characteristics of someone can be disguised!

As humans, we are very respondent to our sense of smell. It is a direct link to our emotional well being & health. This is why what we do smell, seems to be so important to us, to our overall well being, including our emotional state of mind!

When we are closely within the realms of lust, love and passion, we are at our highest being, in physical form. The elations and revelations of love and lust heighten our senses infusing our bodies, minds and souls with the pleasurable, yet volatile emotional needs of being in existence.

Losing our well-being, mentally, physically, emotionally and even spiritually disconnects us from our attachment to our surroundings and each other! We tend to loose our sense of true-self, our purpose, our drive, our passion.
Our energy depletes, sadly decreasing our drive for what we already know within us, is good for us!
We even loose our true scent of self, our personal aroma, our odour, our identity…that which we evolved!

Loosing the Scent of Self chemicals in perfume

Losing your personal odour, the natural aroma that marks your individuality, contributes to losing the sense of who you truly are…your connection to all forces within the existence of life!
If we can’t sense our own ‘scent of self’ how can we possibly detect the ‘true scent’ of another?
We may no longer ‘smell the wolves’ in our surroundings, sometimes so close on us it’s too late by the time we know!

Smell is an ancient primal sense

All life on Earth has some sort of life form of flow. A blood of sorts, sap, nectar or mucus, all of which have been instinctively driven by the pre-outlined mechanics of nature.
Thus, species of life within all forms of each their own territory, live by sense of survival.
These have been and still are based on sight, sound, smell, emotional feeling, spiritual connection(sense), vibrational responses, texture and review. Humans too as part of the life spectrum, live by survival instincts, which have been primitively programmed within our being. Part of that survival is picking up on natural scents that may threaten or entice us, usually before we even can even see what’s coming!

However, the more we handle and absorb chemical compounds into our body systematics, the more we emotionally disconnect from what is good for the soul, as well as what is good for the well-being within the human casing!
We disconnect with where we came and the reason for!
Chemical influx & absorption decreases this ability, shutting down the workings of our own biochemical balance. This altering effect takes place not only within our genetic structure, but also within our own individual chemistry make up. This goes without say the inclusion of chemistry changes when we create and procreate with another!
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Loosing the Scent of Self chemicals in perfume

Chemicals have the ability to change our cellular formation. They react by weakening the structural foundation of cellular production. Chemicals can reform, combat, multiply and destroy healthy cellular productivity and life.
This is what makes them so dangerous, even in small quantities.
Chemicals effectively desensitise the ability to smell aromas with respondent measure! The more we use petroleum based fragrances, the more our sense of smell degrades. Within the nose and paranasal sinuses, is the cellular life responsible for detecting odours. When we are subjected to chemical compounds the efficiency of this cellular function is inevitably reduced. Most of the time, it’s the duration of the application that instils the ‘quantity of the cause.’
This diminishing state of health within the Respiratory System is a serious threat to the Central Nervous System- our life force centre.
Petrochemicals…in your skin care!
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‘Inner knowing’ within our being permits knowledge to assist and open new ways in how we conduct and compose our life. Our inner knowing brings with it tools for survival. Some tools are sharpened to go, some need more development and some we have no idea how to handle, we are yet to learn!


Our sense of smell was designed for primal survival purposes. As humans we rely on our sense of smell to alert us, we react according to what we smell.

From sensing danger before it’s visible to the enticement of a suitable mate, sense of smell plays a huge point of role! Loosing this connection is like ‘playing the emotions’ of your life!

Loosing the Scent of Self chemicals in perfume

Aroma knowingly has the ‘ability’ to set the mood. It can ignite passion, lure attraction, awaken the appetite, inspire creativity or calm the atmosphere. Or it can infuse the atmosphere or closer surrounds with distain, distrust and warning!

Aroma shares equal measure the ability to trigger past days that once were, or infuse the memory with new moments to be held in time! We associate our memory with smell, the aroma that tales the story of our minds eye.
Do you remember the smell of your favourite food cooking, luring you into the ‘homey-ness’ heat of a hot ovens permeating aromatic warmth? On the heat of that evaporating aroma, your nose filed into your subconscious brain with a memory to be held and reregistered as ‘a good moment in time’… a happy space, presently relaxed… and suddenly hungry!
Fresh brewed coffee on a cold morning, do you enjoy the aroma? How bout vanilla bean ice-cream, the first time you smelt it coming, before your taste!
Newly cut grass or even after the rain just stops and the breeze picks up the new clean air, freshly cleansed by new fall! Or remember the first time you smelt a ‘new baby, did you take a deep breathe in and smell the purity of new life? Do you remember the smell of your world’s most favourite people, their intoxicating ‘scent of self’…

The primal sense of smell is connected to memory, which can inhabit, strengthen, balance, awaken & define our experiences of emotional well being.

Loosing the Scent of Self chemicals in perfume

Happy, Healthy Holistic Perfumery…
is based on natural variations of healing plant oils. It serves as a source of ‘beauty with purpose’ meaning it’s a form of beauty that is good for you, naturally!

The base for holistic beauty regimes is good for the skin, the mind, the spirit and the environment. From the air we breathe, to the earth and water we drink. When we feel beautiful, from something itself that is derived from natural beauty, our beings illuminate with a ‘lure of lust’ for not only the primal beats of the heart, but for life itself!
This ancient form of wholesome beauty with purpose, derives from many different cultures, globally. Each culture spanning within their own regions, into territories and country, have, had and some still hold on to their own source of ground deep, respected, trusted, trailed & used forms of natural medicines and purposeful beauty.
Each recognise and uses accordingly the ‘natural matter’ derived from the given sources of the earths plant realm. This ancient form of wholesome beauty with purpose, derives from many different cultures, globally. Each culture spanning within their own regions, into territories and country have, had and some still hold on to their own source of ground deep, respected, trusted, trailed & used forms of natural medicines and purposeful beauty.
Each recognise and uses accordingly the ‘natural matter’ derived from the given sources of the earths plant realm.

Essential oils are best used subtlety, regardless of what form of relaxation and healing you may be sourcing. From body cleansing to sensual massage, the strength of oils should only ‘enhance natural aromas’ of the self & surrounds, not overpower and deodorise!

Loosing the Scent of Self chemicals in perfume essential oils

Essential oils vs Synthetic perfumes… read more
With our sense of smell accounting for 90% of our ability to taste, it pays to protect this vital asset…to enjoy the vast flavours of life! Not only does what we smell clarify a sense of natural responses designed to guide us through life, but also a sense of ourselves and who we are.
This is why we must take better care of what we apply to our skin, we must not risk loosing the ‘scent of self.’


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