Wearing Organic Fabrics Induces Good Health and Energy

If I tried to convince you to wear organic cotton with facts of how polluted the industry is it would not be difficult to find thousands of pages of information from which to draw inspiration. But you would no doubt have heard it all before and it’s not going to make you change your behaviour one bit.

Organic Fabrics Induces Good Health

You’re going to pick out the most affordable and most fashion forward items anyway. Try as I may to scare you into changing your irresponsible consumer patterns with lingo on how detrimental the industry is to the environment and the people who harvest cotton, you would read the lead-in and establish that you know where the write-up is heading.

And to kick-off said blog I would begin with copious pars on wastage and work my way through harmful chemicals and finish with a brilliant flourish of our grimy carbon footprint. But what I would really like to do is to appeal to your survival self, the part of you that cares intensely about what happens to you. So essentially I’m aiming for the same outcome – for you and everyone in your social circle to choose organic fabrics. The litmus test here is that you answer this one question: Do you care about your well-being?

If so, do read further. There is a growing movement in which people are using common sense and logic to tilt the scales in favour of organic cotton. Cotton production is still largely the dirtiest crop on the planet.

But with more people utterly obsessed with health and well-being nowadays this could soon change. What it all boils down to is that wearing cotton is the healthiest option for your body’s optimal functioning which has a direct and tangible impact on your mind and spirit. It’s a cheeky approach but it stands up under stringent analysis.

When you accept that the kind of clothes you wear can impact your physical and mental health and well-being you tend to give less power to all the scientific discussions and more credibility to the notion that we are responsible for the energy we exude and the effect it has on our immediate environment.

I want that to be the focus. If you can centre yourself in that thought when you dress yourself or shop for clothing then you will certainly almost always make the right choice for yourself and the environment. It’s this idea that leads you back to the concept that we are connected to everything in the universe. That what affects the environment affects us personally.

Organic cotton is soft on the skin and airy. The epidermis of the skin can breathe and the process of taking oxygen to the cells is improved. With better circulation comes improved organ function too. Many of us do not drink enough water in any given day so covering the skin with organic cotton is another way of keeping the body’s moisture regulated. This serves as a subliminal form of hydration.

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One could go as far as saying that the environmental problems we face are not so much a failure of systems and sciences but a famine of the spirit of man. Ponder that for a second. If you are in better health for wearing organic cotton, linen, silk, viscose and your energy and spirit improves, can you imagine what things would be like if every person in the supply chain experienced such a change of heart.

All this feel good stuff is good for you. When we create a shift at the very start of the supply chain, with cotton farmers, we chain the entire supply chain. Farmers want to be in good health too. Why should they be dying from insecticide and pesticide exposure? The well-being of one results in the well-being of all. This is the kind of approach and work philosophy that fits perfectly into our new age way of thinking. We should really not entertain pollution of our natural resources, and our minds and hearts, any longer.

Opening the floodgates for organic cotton to be cultivated everywhere including developing countries can potentially see millions of people healed of respiratory problems and allergies. Take away the chemicals and you take away the diseases caused by them.

This creates the perfect atmosphere for uplifted moods, concentration and relations with others. With a stronger sense of well-being in the individual, a certain level of confidence is established and ultimately one more able-bodied, strong minded individual walks the earth and carries on the message and practice.

Why does changing this one dirty crop have the gravity to change so many lives? Because of the magnitude of the industry. It is an industry that impacts millions of lives. To change those lives will make a world of difference.

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Inga de Jong is a journalist and a sub-editor who puts much value to conservation efforts. You could say she’s a storyteller and a good listener. She likes to draw a correlation between social variables in relation to environmental ones. But all heavy issues aside she’s fun-loving and creative. She’s inspired by serene hikes, contemporary art and soulful people.

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